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DC Collectibles Toy Fair Preview!


We’re only a day away from Toy Fair at the Javits Center in New York City.  There will be so many exciting reveals from several different companies, but one of the companies most looking forward to is DC Collectibles.  Last year DC Collectibles had a tremendous showing (you could find our coverage here & here) and 2016 looks to be even bigger and better.  Ahead of the four day trade show, DC Collectibles have released first looks at many of their upcoming products, most of which we’ll be on display at Toy Fair.

DC Collectibles 2016 new product slate includes:

 NEW LINE – DC Films Premium 6’’ Action Figures:

DC_Films_AF_01_Batman_56bce4a34b9343.90633256 DC_Films_AF_02_Superman_56bce4f85f7706.64206450 DC_Films_AF_03_Zod_56bce5a65c6890.31472532 DC_Films_AF_05_Wonder_Woman_56bce51febf955.58604422 DC_Films_AF_07_Jor_El_56bce5c3423081.24666777 DC_Films_AF_13_Diablo_56bce574032856.18734368 DC_Films_AF_15_Harley_Quinn_56bce5536d5100.02684287

    •  Man of Steel: Zod, Faora, Jor-El
    •   Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Armored Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor


NEW LINE – Designer Series Amanda Conner Harley Quinn 6’’ Action Figures:

Designer_Conner_AF_1_Traditional_Harley_56bce5fd085925.08173889 Designer_Conner_AF_2_Space_Suit_Harley_56bce64d0fbb42.05549035 Designer_Conner_AF_2_Super_Harley_56bce668d60d13.87000914

    • Retro Rocket Harley
    • Super Hero Harley
    • Classic Harley
    • Holiday Harley


Batman: The Animated Series:


    • New Batman: The Animated Series Action Figures: Harvey Bullock, Talia Al Ghul, Clayface, Ventriloquist & Scarface, Christmas with The Joker
    •  New The New Batman Adventures Action Figures: Anti-Fire Suit Batman, Firefly, Harley Quinn, The Joker
    • Action Figure Packs: Girls Night Out 5-Pack; Batman Beyond 3-Pack; The New Batman Adventures 3-Pack
    • Batwing (large enough to seat companion action figures in vehicle)


DC Comics Icons 6’’Action Figures:

BM_Arkham_Knight_AF_Batgirl_Oracle_2_Pack_56bce96ada64b2.32174134 DC_Icons_AF_23_Batgirl_56bce75c3c4709.17783430 DC_Icons_AF_Accessory_Pack_1_56bce78aeb33f4.65069518 DC_Icons_AF_Accessory_Pack_2_56bce7a8d17355.16650564

    •  Accessory Packs 1 &2
    •  New Action Figures: Cyborg, Deathstroke, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, Batgirl Deluxe figure
    •  New Action Figure Packs: Darkseid and Grail 2-Pack, Justice League 7-pack


DC Comics BlueLine Action Figure


    • Jim Lee Superman (includes intricately designed packaging and Jim Lee sketch)


DC Comics Bombshells:

DC_Bombshells_Bumblebee_Statue_56bce7f5932d79.34221604 DC_Bombshells_Raven_Statue_56bce8143c6bc1.34402663

    • Raven
    • Bumblebee


Medium Size Statues

    •  Harley Quinn Red, White and Black by Amanda Conner
    • DC Comics Designer Series Harley Quinn by Bruce Timm


Designer Series Action Figures:

Cooke_AF_6_Green_Lantern_Stewart_56bce8dd7f7845.25552283 Cooke_AF_8_Catwoman_56bce8b4847662.44885712 Designer_Capullo_AF_17_Batman_Police_Suit_2_Pack_56bce876b19839.65948465 Designer_Capullo_AF_18_Aquaman_56bce840e423f8.79377582

    •  Greg Capullo: Aquaman, Green Lantern, Superman, Jim Gordon as Batman
    • Darwyn Cooke: The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern John Stewart, Catwoman
    •  Action Figure Pack – GCPD Batman 2-Pack


Batman: Black & White Statues:


    • Batman – Rafael Albuquerque
    • The Joker – Frank Miler
    • Robin – Frank Quitely


DC Super-Pets Plush

DC_Super_Pets_Joker_Fish_Plush_56bce90c23d583.43537619 DC_Super_Pets_Osito_Plush_56bce92bb30b88.92057655

    • Joker Fish
    • Osito


Large Scale Statue:

    •  DC Comics Icons Wonder Woman


Action Figure Packs:

The_Flash_Arrow_TV_AF_2_Pack_56bceb251bc531.56949935 Wonder_Woman_3_Pack_56bce94b049e92.82460077

    • Wonder Woman Action Figure 3-Pack
    • Arrow and The Flash TV Series Green Arrow and The Flash 2-Pack
    • Batman: Arkham Knight: Batgirl & Oracle 2-Pack

Stay tuned for more news and reveals from Toy Fair.  And keep posted for our look at DC Collectibles’ upcoming continuation of their Batman: The Animated Series toy line.

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