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DC Collectibles Supergirl Action Figure Soars!


What’cha Reading reviews DC Collectibles’ upcoming Supergirl TV action figure!

Ahead of the season finales of The CW’s Supergirl and Arrow, the good people at DC were kind enough to send us their upcoming wave of DC TV action figures before they hit store shelves in June. Their current wave consists of Supergirl‘s Girl of Steel and Martian Manhunter and Arrow‘s Constantine and Vixen. I’ve been a fan of DC Collectibles for a long time now and their action figures have always offered fans a figure of premium quality. I was very excited for this current wave since I saw it debuted at Toy Fair and I could not be more happy with the current assortment that will soon be available to fans.

As a super fan of DC’s The Man of Steel, Supergirl is my favorite of the DC shows currently on air. Two seasons into her show, which will air its season finale on Monday, May 22nd, we are finally starting to enjoy more merchandise featuring Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl. Previously, Mattel released a DC Multiverse action figure of Supergirl, but now DC Collectibles has soared past that action figure with their upcoming (and highly anticipated) action figure of Supergirl. DC Collectibles upcoming Supergirl action figure is the first of two figures in her wave, with the second figure being Martian Manhunter. This figure continues DC’s TV series action figures that started with Arrow and continued with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. While we only have two action figures right now, one could only hope for an upcoming figure of villain Livewire (Brit Morgan) and Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh).

While the pictures originally released in support of DC Collectibles’ Supergirl action figure looked great, they honestly do not live up to the actual figure as the real figure looks even better! The likeness of Melissa Benoist has been perfectly captured and the level of detail is amazing. While the Mattel Multiverse figure of Supergirl offered a more cartoon-ish version of Benoist, DC Collectibles version of Benoist is terrific and every bit of the costume is accurately captured, as well.

DC Collectibles

Supergirl also features 17 points of articulation which allows for more dynamic poses. Sometimes the ball joints on newly released figures could be extremely stiff, but this was not the case with Supergirl. Her shoulders allow for a wide range of motion, allowing the fan to pose her in a more authentic way, accurate to the series.

Supergirl also comes with a set of three different hands, one open, one closed, and one allowing her to hold an accessory. However, the figure does not comes with any additional parts.

DC Collectibles Supergirl

I could not be happier with DC Collectibles’ Supergirl action figure as it was well worth the wait. There were previously some delays with their Supergirl merchandise as extra time was taken to get the likeness just right and the figure shows the hard work put into it. Supergirl was sculpted by Adam Ross and James Marsano, who are also the sculptors behind the upcoming Supergirl TV statue.

Supergirl will be available this June and retails for $29.95. Supergirl’s season two season finale airs Monday, May 22nd on The CW at 8:00 PM ET. Check your local listings.

*Stay tuned for more DC Collectibles action figure reviews of Martian Manhunter, Constantine, and Vixen.

*Steven Biscotti, of Universal Monsters Universe, would like to thank Candice Dorsey of DC Entertainment for sending out these action figures to us.

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