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DC Collectibles “Naughty or Nice” List!



DC Collectibles have unveiled their “ultimate Naughty or Nice gift list” for this Christmas and holiday season.  So many shoppers have and will be taking to the stores today (Black Friday) and each day coming to shop for family, friends, and loved ones.  If you have someone that is a big comic book fan, maybe is counting down the days until Batman v Superman, and loves their collectibles, maybe you should consider taking a look at what DC Collectibles is offering fans of all ages!

The Naughty List features the DC Collectibles rogues gallery.  The list features:

  1. The Joker and Harley Quinn DC Comics Bombshell statue
  2. Arkham Knight from Batman: Arkham Knight statue
  3. Harley Quinn Gotham City Garage statue
  4. The Joker DC Comics Icon statue
  5. Catwoman DC Comics Cover Girls statue

If you’re more hero oriented and you’d like a little justice for your holiday season, here are the five items listed on The Nice List:

  1. Wonder Woman DC Comics Bombshell statue (holiday version)
  2. Batgirl by Babs Tarr DC Comics Designer Series statue
  3. DC Comics Super Pets plush toys
  4. The Flash and Arrow TV Show replica badges
  5. The Batmobile from Batman: The Animated Series

You could find these collectibles at your local comic and specialty shop.  To find one closest to you, click here.  The DC Collectibles “Naughty or Nice” gift items are also available online at Amazon and DC Collectibles.  If you’re unfamiliar with DC Collectibles, they have an amazing variety of items ranging from action figures to statues, offering fans a great assortment that is guaranteed to have something for you.  One of our personal favorites are their line of action figures from The CW shows The Flash and Arrow.  If you’re not fighting the masses at the stores, or maybe you’re just returning home, take a look at what DC Collectibles have in store for you.



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