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DC Collectibles: The Creeper Action Figure Review

DC Collectibles: The Creeper Action Figure Review

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Over this past weekend, I decided to re-watch the second to last episode of “The New Batman Adventures.”  The episode “Beware The Creeper” featured classic characters such as The Joker, Harley Quinn, Robin, and The Dark Knight himself.  “Beware The Creeper” is a gem of an episode in the now timeless and classic four seasons of “Batman: The Animated Series” by Bruce Timm.  This month, DC Collectibles introduced fans to the next figure in their line of Batman animated action figures and that is, none other, than the “lemon yellow skinned” Jack Ryder as The Creeper!


DC Collectibles have gotten so many things right with their line of action figures based on the heroes and villains of the Bruce Timm/Paul Dini inspired world of Batman.  Not only are the sculpts by Gentle Giant Studios magnificently reminiscent of their animated counter parts, but they offer extreme value to the more premium figure oriented collectors.  While certain early figures such as Batman were critiqued due to an issue with the joints, DC Collectibles have corrected all of their issues and I can’t imagine any concerns about the latest release in “The New Batman Adventures” line.


Their current figure of The Creeper is based on of his appearance in The New Batman Adventures episode “Beware The Creeper.”  The character is nearly identical to the Steve Ditko created anti-hero first appearing in DC Comics Showcase issue 73.  The DC Collectibles action figure has 17 points of articulation, comes with three accessories, an artist turnaround stand, and two interchangeable hands for both his left and right.  The Creeper has a screen accurate rat, pool stick, and Batman mask accessory.  Since I just watched “Beware The Creeper” a few days ago, the pool stick is present at the bar/pool hall/club called Stacked.  The Batman mask is a play item he covers his face with while inside “Ditko’s” thrift shop, and the rat he picks up ever so briefly while in an alley way.

The Creeper action figure is spectacular in every way and I’d find it very hard for not even the most casual of Batman animated and/or action figure fans not to go wild for DC Collectibles most current creation.  The paint, sculpt, and pop art feel to the action figure elevates it above most figures.  You truly feel like you’re holding a small piece of art and I highly recommend adding Jack Ryder a.k.a. The Creeper to your home/office or anywhere you like to display your collectibles.

This is definitely one Creeper you needn’t beware of!

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