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DC Collectibles Catwoman Action Figure Review!

DC Collectibles Catwoman Action Figure Review!

image © DC Comics (www.dccomics.com)

DC Collectibles have released the second figure in their line of Batman action figures based on the animated series.  Today saw the release of Catwoman, based on her look in “Batman: The Animated Series.”  The figure is sculpted by Irene Matar and perfectly captures the look of Bruce Timm’s interpretation of the thieving feline and sometimes lover of the Caped Crusader.

The figure follows last week’s release of Batman, as he appeared in “The New Adventures of Batman and Robin”, which is more commonly seen as the fourth season of the acclaimed animated series.  Catwoman comes in the same bubble package as Batman did, yet packed on a card reflecting the 90’s Timm and Dini produced series.  Branded with a number 4 in an as of yet undisclosed amount of action figures, Catwoman looks to steal the heart of toy collectors and Batman fans, alike.

Catwoman comes complete with four accessories and a base that reflects her “Batman: The Animated Series” artist turnaround.  The four accessories consists of a diamond necklace, a stun gun, her whip, and a black cat.  The figure is sculpted to reflect the sleek and sultry appearance of Ms. Selina Kyle as seen in numerous fan favorite episodes.

Overall, the design and figure fits perfectly with the previously released Batman.  Along with her numerous points of articulation (25!), this is certainly an action figure to look out for.  Batman has already sold out of stores and the rest of the series is currently on back order.  If you find this figure, buy it for yourself, a friend, family member, or stranger as it is definitely worth displaying with your collectibles.  The investment value is also sure to pick up over time due to the scarcity of its production run.

Catwoman gets five out of five stars. I strongly suggests picking this figure by DC Collectibles up.  Just don’t steal it.  Batman wouldn’t want that!

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