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DC Collectibles: “Arrow” & “The Flash” Action Figure Review


DC Collectibles: "Arrow" & "The Flash" Action Figure Review

Two of DC Collectibles latest offerings are their action figures based on the “Arrow” and “The Flash.”  Both figures are very exciting as the action figure of Oliver Queen’s hero identity concludes the first wave of collectibles based on the hit show, while “The Flash” begins a whole new line of figures!  While the first figure in “The Flash” line released last week, Arrow was released this week and we thought it’d be fun to take a look at The Brave and The Bold.

20150416_210549DC Collectibles action figure of Barry Allen as The Flash is possibly one of their best and most attractive of figures to date!  When The Flash was first solicited, the detail on the costume along with the facial sculpt stood out as Gentle Giant’s best.  Sometimes in the process of developing a figure and releasing it, details change, but The Flash looks even better in person.  With the success of The CW television series and fantastic action figure, I guarantee that DC Collectibles first action figure of the Scarlet Speedster will run off store shelves.

The action figure of The Flash has 20 points of articulation and with one of those handy DC Collectibles action figure bases, it’s very possible to place him in a running stance.  He also has four interchangeable hands in case you prefer Barry to run close-fisted or open.  Every detail on the outfit, be it the lightening bolt emblem on his chest, the yellow piping on his outfit, to the lightening bolt ear pieces this is certainly one of the best Flash action figures out there.  Even if you don’t watch the show (unlikely) but are a fan of The Fastest Man Alive, you can’t go wrong with DC Collectibles action figure.  He feels very much a part of the previous figures for “Arrow” and indicates a strong improvement when it comes to the facial sculpt and poseability.

20150416_210538While figures 5 and 6 in the “Arrow” line of collectibles have been released (our review is here), this past week saw the long-awaited debut of the Arrow, himself!  While there was one figure previously released of Stephen Amell as the Arrow in a two-pack last year, this is considered to be the first official figure as it’s a part of the “Arrow” line.  While I never had a hands on experience with the first Arrow figure, I cannot compare this release to the first one.  I can say that the first distinguishing feature is that figure 4 “Arrow” returns to its photo box packaging that was missed from the release of Dark Archer and Deadshot.  Both of those figures used photographs of the action figures on the box and not of the respective actors, whereas Arrow features a classic shot of Stephen Amell.  A highlight and selling point, for sure!

DC Collectibles’ Arrow action figure features a counted 13 points of articulation and includes his bow, arrows, and quiver.  While the figure of Arrow isn’t articulated as much as The Flash, he’s still a well made collectible.  The head sculpt does capture Stephen Amell and while much of his face is covered, he does look even better than the Oliver Queen figure released late last year.  If you’re a fan of “Arrow”, you will not want to miss out on this action figure.

2015-04-16 21.07.37“The Flash” and “Arrow” figures show a tremendous versatility in the DC Collectibles line up of action figures as they incorporate figures based on the live action versions of their heroes and villains.  It’ll be fun to watch these lines develop over this year as we will be getting figures based on Diggle, Felicity, and Arsenal from the “Arrow” series and “Captain Cold” for “The Flash” line.  I must also add that while Mattel does hold the license for DC Comics based products, including their fan-favorite “Movie Masters” line, it would be exciting to see DC Collectibles/ Gentle Giant action figures based on the much-anticipated “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”  If the action figure of Grant Gustin’s The Flash proves anything, they are definitely a company at the top of their game with a sincere aim at pleasing the fans!

“Arrow” and “The Flash” will be available soon and can be found on www.shopdcentertainment.com

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