DC Collectibles: "Arrow" Dark Archer & Deadshot Action Figure Review ~ What'cha Reading?

DC Collectibles: “Arrow” Dark Archer & Deadshot Action Figure Review



DC Collectibles latest offering in their line of action figures for “Arrow” are none other than fan-favorites the Dark Archer and Deadshot.  While we have one more figure left in this wave – Arrow – DC Collectibles have presented a highly articulated and detailed lineup that is sure to please fans of “Arrow” and action figure collectors alike.

DC Collectibles: "Arrow" Dark Archer & Deadshot Action Figure Review

Starting off with the Dark Archer, revealed to be Malcolm Merlyn early on in season one (and played by John Barrowman!) we now have his action figure.  While we haven’t seen the figure of Arrow yet, the closest other figure that we could compare him too would be Deathstroke.  The Dark Archer has been sculpted fantastically by Gentle Giant Studios and is closely in line with his television counterpart.  The Dark Archer appears with his world-traveled battle robes and hood and the paint application mimics the dark, dirty, and weather-beaten jacket and cloak.  Perhaps the best feature of the Dark Archer action figure are his eyes.  It would have been very easy to opt for a generic take on who’s underneath the covered face, but instead the sculpt perfectly captures John Barrowman’s captivating gaze.  With this figure we aren’t just getting a run-of-the-mill hooded goon; we’re getting the Dark Archer as played by John Barrowman!


He doesn’t come with as many accessories as Oliver Queen, Deadshot, and Deathstroke do to diversify either play time or posing.  But then the Dark Archer only had his bow, arrow, and quiver.  Still enough to make the Dark Archer action figure an imposing collectible that you will not want to miss!


Figure 6 in the “Arrow” lineup is Floyd Lawton a.k.a. Deadshot.  This is perhaps the best figure DC Collectibles have released for their “Arrow” series.  The figure, as sculpted by Gentle Giant, captures actor Michael Rowe amazingly well.  His likeness is, dare I say, even better than the Stephen Amell and Caity Lotz sculpts for figures 1 and 2.  I really like this Deadshot figure as it is a great action figure for all kinds of Deadshot fans.  Whether you liked his appearance on “Arrow” or are just a fan, this Deadshot figure is a must to own.  It’s actually my first Deadshot figure and will certainly hold me over until I get my hands on a Will Smith Deadshot collectible from next year’s “Suicide Squad.”


Deadshot comes with three weapon accessories: his rifle, and two hand guns.  The figure himself comes with his military fatigues including his bulletproof vest, rifle ammunition, and pouches that capture his initial appearances on the series.

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Both figures come packaged very well in the pleasing box packaging that DC Collectibles started employing with their Designer Series figures and it adds to the overall aesthetic.  My one critique, would be that both figures  – Dark Archer and Deadshot – lack the actor photo on the side of the packaging that 1) Oliver Queen (with totem) (Stephen Amell), 2) Canary (Caity Lotz), and 3) Deathstroke (Manu Bennett) had.  I’m not sure why DC Collectibles opted for a photo of the action figure to adorn the side as I feel the photo adds to the overall presentation, but it’s such a slight nitpick that it does not take away in any form from the outstanding work they’ve done.  Dark Archer and Deadshot are beautifully made action figure collectibles and are another shining example of the quality work DC Collectibles have put out.

Dark Archer and Deadshot both stand at 6.75 inches and retail for $24.99 at comic/collectible shops and online at www.dccomics.com

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