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DC Collectibles Announces New Designer Series Figures!



DC Collectibles outstanding line of Designer Series action figures began with Greg Capullo.  While wave 1 of Jae Lee’s line released a few weeks ago, it has been announced that there will be two additions to the Greg Capullo Designer Series of action figures.


In the second half of 2016 fans will be able to add Survival Suit Batman and The Flash to their ever expanding collection.  The Survival Suit Batman is based off of the Dark Knight’s appearance in the Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo story arc “Zero Year: Dark City.”  Retelling the early days of Batman’s crime-fighting career, one of his earliest villains was The Riddler.  He takes over Gotham City and plunges it into an era devout of technology and rules.

Survival Suit Batman is the fourth Batman action figure to be released in the Greg Capullo Designer Series.  It is proceeded by Batman, Thrasher Suit Batman, and Zero Year Batman.


The second action figure to be released is none other than the Scarlet Speedster himself, The Flash.  While the Justice League has primarily sat out of Batman’s flagship title, they have made a few appearances throughout the 43 + issue run.  The Flash also happens to be the second Justice League member to be added to the Greg Capullo line with Wonder Woman set to appear in an upcoming wave.

Fingers crossed for a Greg Capullo designed Superman action figure!

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