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DC Bombshells Wallets?!


So this is really cool, but kind of a strange too. The DC merchandising machine and Dinomighty Design Inc has expanded their wallet line. This time they’re bringing us the 1940’s inspired artwork of Ant Lucia with six Bombshell designs. Don’t get me wrong I love the Bombshells, the art is amazing and the concept is very cool. But why make men’s wallets out of it? Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to make women friendly merchandise? I’ve been to the sites, they have the phone cases, the t-shirts (mostly men’s though) and a fragrance. I’m fairly sure there was a women’s wallet as well. All the sites I browsed showed the statues, which totally rock, and prints that also rock, but I think they could try to expand past the norm. If there is some great female friendly merch featuring the Bombshells that I missed please mention it in the comments…

All that being said I know I’ll probably be picking one up…

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  • DC Bombshells Harley Quinn Mighty Wallet (AUG152811, SRP: $15)
  • DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Mighty Wallet (AUG152812, SRP: $15)
  • DC Bombshells Catwoman Mighty Wallet (AUG152813, SRP: $15)
  • DC Bombshells Batgirl Mighty Wallet (AUG152814, SRP: $15)
  • DC Bombshells Supergirl Mighty Wallet (AUG152815, SRP: $15)
  • DC Bombshells Poison Ivy Mighty Wallet (AUG152816, SRP: $15)


“These Dynomighty Mighty Wallets are made of Tyvek, a series of interlocking plastic fibers in the origami construction designed by Terrence Kelleman. They are slim but expandable to suit your storage needs and are surprisingly, strong, resisting water and tears.”

These exclusive DC Bombshells Mighty Wallets are available to order from the August PREVIEWS catalog found in comic shops. Find a comic shop at www.comicshoplocator.com to order yours today. They’re scheduled for release in comic book specialty shops in mid-January.

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