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DayBlack – A Vampire Tattoo Artist Tries to Remember How to Live


Tattoo art is one of the most meaningful types of art. For people who decide to decorate their skin it is rarely done without deep thought as to what it will say, look like and what the meaning behind it truly is. There’s often two meanings, the ones we share with the random stranger who can’t resist asking and the one we hold closer to our hearts that only we and maybe our nearest and dearest know. Finding an artist to help make both meanings clear and the way you see the image in your head is a difficult thing. While I’ve not met many artists who aren’t talented there has to be an understanding between artist and subject that is harder to measure. I depend on my artist to visually speak my thoughts with his art. My artist depends on me for his livelihood. In DayBlack, Merce, a 400 year old, former slave, tattoo artist, vampire depends on his clients for more than just his livelihood.

DayBlack - A Vampire Tattoo Artist Tries to Remember How to Live

Merce lives in the town of DayBlack. A town where the pollution is so bad that you never see the sun. A perfect place for a vampire. Merce has lived quite a life, or death as the case may be, in his 400 years but now he’s pretty much settled down. He’s trying to lay low and not draw attention to himself or his undead status. He wants to remember what it’s like to live, not just survive. No more killing for food, at least for the most part, it gets too messy and draws too much attention. Instead he’s found a unique way of keeping his appetites fed. In his quiet world some wind blows, first as haunting dreams that strike without warning and then in the form of his son, who is a vampire hunter. He brings warnings of trouble brewing.

I loved the first three issues of DayBlack. Merce is a captivating character. He lulls you a bit at first into thinking he’s the kind, gentle sort but then you remember the predator that he is. Which makes him all the more enticing. I’ve read a lot of vampire tales, as it’s a bit of a fetish for me, and this one still stands out as something new and different. The art is beautifully unique and brings real atmosphere to the story. It also made me want to run down to Georgia to get inked by the writer/artist Keef Cross. His style is so original that it greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the tale being told.

I’m giving DayBlack five out of five stars. I was greatly disappointed when I reached the end of issue 3. I want to know where this all leads and to join Merce on this fascinating journey through his undead life.

Here’s a peak at the amazing artwork:

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