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Dax – Intergalactic Mercenary! Badass! Softie?


Dax - Intergalactic Mercenary! Badass! Softie?One of the greatest things about Kickstarter is the fact that I find so many new things because of it! Take Dax a kickstarter just days from ending that I tweeted about yesterday. A webcomic being collected in print it features art in the vein Futurama (and similar animated shows) with a sensibility and humor that will appeal to a broad range of ages and levels of geekdom.

The synopsis:  “Dax is an intergalactic mercenary and a bit of a rapscallion. On a standard mission he discovers that he is no longer alone. Saddled with a precocious young girl, Dax looks for a way to rid himself of her so he can go back to his normal lifestyle. The girl just wants to get out and see the universe. Together they’ll face things neither had expected. Hijinks ensue in Dax Comics!”

It seemed a good premise so I checked it out, what I found was a smartly written, well illustrated comic. The simple “man and child on the road” scenario lends itself to a million parenting and out of touch dude gags, and it has those. It also has some of the best pop-culture references I’ve seen in ages. Referencing Duke Nukem, Star Trek, Serenity, Torchwood, and a ton of others, sometimes smug, sometimes subtle but everyone I caught made me smile. I struggled with a genre while writing this review. Obviously it’s sci-fi, it’s also humor, but the dynamic between Dax and his 11 yr-old stow-away Natalie is sort of Parenting Road Genre? Child-mentor odyssey/adventure? Whatever you call it, it’s a lot of fun and it works.


Back to the art, don’t let my description of Jess Boudrie’s art turn you off. Though Dax is definitely more of animation art style this is by no means an insult. The cartoonish style lends perfectly to Aaron Balogh’s lighthearted writing. People get shot, fights and drama ensue but always with a tongue firmly planted in cheek.

So what we have here is an above average webcomic that’s in its 4th volume. If you drop by and give it a read you’ll enjoy it.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Now, let’s get this kickstarter funded! What I hadn’t mentioned the kickstarter? Go here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/jessboudrie/dax and support the printing of volume one! There’s less than two weeks to go! Here take a look at the kickstarter video…

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