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David Mazouz Signing at Royal Collectibles


On a Sunday that barely felt like 40 degrees, fans from all five boroughs eagerly waited outside Royal Collectibles.  Those familiar with the store, regular shoppers, and faithful readers of What’cha Reading came out to meet David Mazouz, Bruce Wayne on “Gotham”, and got to partake in an event that was even larger than Royal’s previous events this year!  It was a day that proved that people of all ages love The Batman, even when it’s someone playing the young Bruce Wayne.


Photo by Mary Coppola

David Mazouz, the 13-year-old actor on FOX’s “Gotham”, isn’t just the young Bruce Wayne. But rather a friend, brother, son, and overall young man who couldn’t be further away from The Dark Knight everyone seems to celebrate so much. His appearance, slated for a sharp 1 to 3 pm schedule, went well over finishing closer to 5 pm. David, ever the professional and one of the most humble of actors, took the time to sign every photo and comic presented to him by his dedicated fans, forgoing lunch and snack breaks, just to see every fan happy. For those that waited outside on a line that stretched down the block, everyone left happy with not only a signed picture but of a photograph to commemorate the Royal Collectibles sponsored meet-and-greet.


Photo by Mary Coppola


L to R: Scott G and Adam F with their “Batman: Earth One” books.

Die hard fans such as Scott G and Adam F could not have been more enthusiastic and patient; proving that some of the most nicest and down to earth people are those that love their comic-books. Scott, traveling from Long Island, heard of the David Mazouz signing through one of his friends.  “I’m a big Superman fan and I love “Smallville.”  When I heard about “Gotham” I was very excited to see the early days of Gordon and The Penguin presented in a way that hasn’t been done before.”  His friend, Adam (complete with one sleeve of all Superman tattoos) along with his family, shared the same sentiment.  “I’m excited about meeting David because I’ve been enjoying the origin of Bruce Wayne.  I’ve enjoyed the acting and the show could go on forever.”  Scott and Adam’s feelings were universally felt as the majority of the line could not help but sing praises for “Gotham”, along with stars David Mazouz and Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot).  Taylor, who has gone on to becoming a fan favorite and possibly the most talked about aspect of the series, was unanimously praised by Brooklyn natives, Timothy, Richie, and Ana. Ana, an independent artist, also spoke highly of her love for Sean Pertwee’s Alfred.  It’s interesting to take note of this as David spoke of his close relationship with Pertwee and his family when we last sat down with him.  Joe G, of Maspeth, also loves Pertwee’s Alfred along with “getting the first glimpse of characters such as Harvey [Dent] and The Riddler.”


Photo by Mary Coppola


Batman fans from Brooklyn!



The signing was a Bat-cave sized hit for the Forest Hills, Queens comic shop and marked an impressive hallmark for both David and the store. “This was my first signing that I’ve ever done. I’ve done the cast signing [at San Diego Comic Con], but I’ve never had an individual signing. It was really cool and really fun” David had told What’cha Reading after the signing.  The young actor, or the boy who would be Batman, yet again exemplified the positively warm, gracious, and soft-spoken demeanor that is lacking from far too many young adults today. His mother was on hand at the signing, not far from her son, witnessing one of the big cornerstones in any actor’s career – an autograph signing. Understanding the commitment that comes with a role such as Bruce Wayne (and the likelihood of merchandise that will bear her child’s image) has raised a fine young man who couldn’t be better suited to fill the role of a character currently in his 75th year.


David along with some of the biggest fans. Some of them having waited as early as 9 am!

What’cha Reading would like to thank David, The Mazouz & DePaul Family for, once again, spending time with us.  We’d also like to thank Chuck Marrone, Mike Giordano and the rest of Royal Collectibles for holding such a great event for the community (did we mention everything was FREE)  And, on behalf of David, we’d like to extend our warmest gratitude for all those that came out to meet him today.  He couldn’t have had more fun spending his Sunday with you (he has an early 5:40 am start on “Gotham”) and felt it was worth signing and taking pictures with “all of you cool people.”

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