Dark Horse Comics! - This Week's Titles 11/11/2015 ~ What'cha Reading?

Dark Horse Comics! – This Week’s Titles 11/11/2015


Dark Horse Comics have six new titles releasing this week on November 11th.  In fact, they’re now available at wherever comic books are sold and we’ve given them all a read.  While I’ve long enjoyed Dark Horse Comics back in the 90’s when The Terminator and Aliens and Predator comics were published, I haven’t kept up with most of their newer titles.  The most recent memories I have with them would be last years “Fire and Stone” saga, playing in the shared universes of Prometheus, Aliens, Predator, and Alien vs. Predator, and last month’s issue of Colder, which you could find my review here.  While visiting your local comic shop, either today or sometime this week, here are the Dark Horse Comics single issues you may want to check  out.

unnamedThe first issue I read was “Harrow County” issue 7 by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook.  While I haven’t read the previous issues, I did find issue 7 to be enjoyable and accessible.  Here’s what Dark Horse Comics had to say about “Harrow County” issue 7:

When your twin is the evil half of a dead witch that can control monsters and the undead, a joyful reunion just isn’t in the cards—which means there’s only one option for Emmy: war!

I did understand that “Harrow County” revolved around twin sisters, Emmy and Kammi.  But what I did not realize was that they are witches.  Sure, a quick Google search could have provided a backdrop on the issue, but I enjoy going into a comic blind as I believe it’s the best way to experience a comic and see how well it holds up as a story.  “Harrow County” issue 7 follows Emmy as she begins recruiting the various monsters and creatures to use against her twin and it brings to mind the way Paul Tobin wrote Nimble Jack in the past issue of Colder.

The art by Tyler Crook is so much fun and his creature designs are beautiful.  There are several talented artists in the business today that excel at designing creatures and monsters of various sorts, namely Aaron Kuder.  But Tyler Crook delivers work that is quite different, especially in the horror genre.  I very much enjoyed “Harrow County” issue 7 for Crook’s art and it’s easily an aspect that will have me return for next month’s installment.

“Harrow County” issue 7 gets five stars!


unnamed (1)The following issue I read was King Tiger issue 4.  Rob of AlternativeMindz previously reviewed “King Tiger”, which you could find here.

King Tiger has used all his strength, expended every weapon, cast his last spell. His adversary is trapped, and Tiger is trapped with it. But Rikki Boyd, the woman whose heart he broke, refuses to let Tiger die alone. When magic fails, can the heart prevail?

“King Tiger” was another issue I was previously unfamiliar with, especially before Rob reviewed it for us.  “King Tiger” issue 4, written by Randy Stradley and featuring art by Doug Wheatley, reads like a Saturday morning cartoon.  It’s complete with action that services the comic book medium and writing that satisfies the need for a comic book to offer more than just popcorn thrills.  It’s a fun issue, but for a reader such as myself, I don’t believe it’s geared for my tastes.  I did enjoy it and the “love is a powerful source” sentiment at then end of the book works very well, especially with the King Tiger and Rikki dynamic.

If you’ve previously read and enjoyed “King Tiger”, then I can’t find a reason why you’d choose to skip this issue.  But if you’re looking for a single issue to pick up and give a read, I can’t recommend “King Tiger”, especially after having just read “Harrow County” issue 7.

“King Tiger” issue 4 gets three stars!


unnamed (2)“Mirror’s Edge: Exordium” issue 3 was another Dark Horse Comics title we read.  It released today, November 11th.  Echoing a running sentiment with this current week of single issues, none of the titles are of books that I’ve previously read of have much background in.  I know Mirror’s Edge is a popular video game series, but it’s one that I have yet to play.  Video games like the Uncharted series and Tomb Raider are more of what I gravitate towards.  Speaking of which, TOMB RAIDER VOLUME 3: QUEEN OF SERPENTS TPB releases today so stay tuned for our review of that.

As Faith Connors pushes to prove herself as a Runner, more trouble is brewing on all sides of her life—can she learn a valuable lesson from the city’s oldest Runner? Witness the pivotal moments in her life leading up to one of the most anticipated video games of 2016, Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst!

* Leads directly into the events of the new Mirror’s Edge game!

I very much enjoyed “Mirror’s Edge: Exordium” issue 3, especially considering I am unfamiliar with the story and have yet to play the game.  It does need to be said that writer Christofer Emgard and artists Mattias Haggstrom and Henrik Sahlstrom do an incredible job in creating a story that has actually piqued my curiosity in the game.  The story revolves around Faith and her ability to run.  There’s more to the futuristic story, but the aspect that caught me was Emgard, Haggstrom, and Sahlstrom’s ability to create a fluidity in the action they depict in each panel.  “Mirror’s Edge: Exordium” issue 3 feels like a living, breathing entity.

“Mirror’s Edge: Exordium” issue 3 gets five stars!

unnamed (3)


Desperate to save team leader Emma, the rest of Zodiac Starforce risk opening a portal to the dangerous realm of Nephos to find a cure. But when the tiny portal rips asunder and monsters start spilling out of it and overrunning the town, Zodiac Starforce will need all the help they can get to defeat the evil goddess Cimmeria, her monster legion, and her mean-girl minion Diana. It’s a monster mash, but Zodiac Starforce is ready to crash this party!

* A brand-new series from Kevin Panetta (Bravest Warriors) and Paulina Ganucheau (TMNT: New Animated Adventures, Bravest Warriors) for fans of Sailor Moon, Buffy, and Lumberjanes!

“Zodiac Starforce” is yet another series I have yet to read.  Considering the great folks at Dark Horse Comics sent it out to us, I felt it would be wrong to not give this one a read, as well.  This is another title, like “King Shark”, that Rob of Alternative Mindz had previously reviewed.  Here’s what he had to say:

It has so much familiarity to it that it’s an easy pick up and worth your time and money.

I could not agree more.  While I haven’t read the previous issues of Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau’s “Zodiac Starforce”, issue 3 does read like a story that I’ve read before.  While this might make the title seem unoriginal, that’s not the situation.  While “Zodiac Starforce” does bring to mind the adventures of Sailor Moon, it is it’s own story.  Could I also add that this looks like it could be the next big cartoon?

“Zodiac Starforce” issue 3 gets four stars!


unnamed (4)Stay tuned for Joe’s review of Rebels issue 8.

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