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Dark Horse Comics Proclaims – BLACK BEETLE #1 HAS SOLD OUT!


Or rather Diamond has no more copies so Dark Horse is getting more to them. Still that’s great! Considering that Black Beetle #0 sold out as well and I still don’t have numbers for its total January sales it’s hard to say what that really means.

Is it a good book? Damn right it is! It’s chock full of pulpy goodness. Issue #0 was a bit of a quick read, but the art more than makes up for that.


Issue #1 comes out in two weeks, I give a strong “check this out”, if it fits in your comic budget it’s well worth the purchase.

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There are a few more pages to the preview, find them here.

The Black Beetle: No Way Out #1

Writer: Francesco Francavilla
Artist: Francesco Francavilla
Cover Artist: Francesco Francavilla
Genre: Superhero, Action/Adventure
Publication Date: January 16, 2013
Format: FC, 32 pages
Price: $3.99
UPC: 7 61568 22686 7

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