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Dark Horse and Blizzard Announce World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1!


World of Warcraft is one of those legendary games with an amazing following.  With the Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) written and directed film releasing this summer, it’s bound to cultivate an even deeper following and appreciation for the diverse and rich mythology it has created for itself.  Dark Horse Comics and Blizzard Entertainment have announced today a release date for World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1, “the first in a multivolume series detailing the history of the Warcraft universe.”


Available March 15th, fans can except World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1 to “codify, tighten up, and clarify” the lore of Warcraft.  The hardcover title will feature over twenty illustrations by Peter Lee and is a volume many will not want to miss.

While I have never played the games, Warcraft is of particular interest as Superman actor Henry Cavill has been extremely vocal over his love for the series.  In an interview with GQ during the time of 2013’s Man of Steel, Cavill had admitted to missing the initial phone call from director Zack Snyder that he was cast as Superman.

When Snyder called to offer him the role of Superman, he says, he was in the middle of a session of online fantasy role-play gameWorld Of Warcraft.  “And I saw it was him [calling], but the thing is, you can’t save World Of Warcraft, you can’t pause it. It’s live.”  He missed the call. Missed it because he was too engrossed in a game where orcs, dwarves and trolls do battle. He had to call Snyder back to discover he’d got the part.

Dark Horse Comics and Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1 releases March 15th and is something you may want to check out.  We know Superman probably will.

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The First of Three Volumes Exploring the Mythology of Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft® Universe Arrives March 15

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse Comics and Blizzard Entertainment have set a release date for the first in a multivolume series detailing the history of the Warcraft® universe: World of Warcraft®: Chronicle Volume 1.

On March 15, World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1 will hit shelves, taking readers on a journey through an age of myth and legend long before the Horde and the Alliance came to be. This definitive tome of Warcraft lore reveals untold stories about the birth of the cosmos, the rise of ancient empires, and the forces that shaped the world of Azeroth and its people.

World of Warcraft: Chronicle is the first in a series of books that attempts to codify, tighten up, and clarify the history of Warcraft,” said Chris Metzen, Blizzard Entertainment senior vice president of story and franchise development. “People often ask why lore is important. The lore, the storytelling of Warcraft is something that we’ve really tried to work on and hone over the years as an integral part of the fantasy you’re playing through. When it catches you, it’s something you want to keep coming back to over and over.”

This beautiful hardcover book features over twenty full-page illustrations by World of Warcraft artist Peter Lee and is the first in a multipart series exploring the Warcraft universe, from its distant past to the current era.Volume 1 covers the creation of the Warcraft universe up to the story of the original Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.

World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1 goes on sale March 15, 2016, in comic shops and bookstores. Preorder your copy today!

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