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Dark Corridor Brings Strong Female Characters to a Crime Story


Dark Corridor brings Strong Female Characters to a Crime StoryIn a press release this morning Image announced Rich Tommaso’s (Clover Honey, 8 ½ Ghosts) new book Dark Corridor, a crime adventure with a bit of a twist.

DARK CORRIDOR is set in the fictional coastal city of Red Circle, a town totally controlled by mobsters. But after decades of wielding power, the mobster’s stronghold is slipping and some unidentified female assassins are picking them off one-by-one.

“This first serial in Dark Corridor, The Red Circle, is one that I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” said Tommaso. “A comic book inspired by old gangster films, but one where the male archetypes are fatally removed from power by the women who usually only serve as mothers, lovers and/or damsels in distress in those stories.”

Strong female characters in a mob story is pretty rare, I wonder how it will play. Guess we’ll see when it drops Wednesday, August 5th. Pre-order DARK CORRIDOR #1 from your local shop using Diamond Code: JUN150499.

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