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Daredevil TV Logo! NYCC Event News!


With New York Comic Con starting this week, Marvel Entertainment was very generous in offering fans a first peek at the upcoming Netflix series, “Daredevil.” Marvel, a comic book publisher and studio giant, is home to some of the most recognizable of superheroes. And it could certainly be said that they have been presenting fans exceptional, colorful, and catchy logos since the early ‘60s. “Daredevil” being one of them, we have now seen the first image, and it is quite Marvelous!

Daredevil Tv Logo! NYCC Event News!
For a comic book in publication since 1964, one consistent aspect of the series has always been it’s title logo. Going for more of a theatrical, bold, and proud statement, the popular Marvel comic books have always read “Daredevil: The Man Without Fear.” Sometimes opting for a “Here Comes…” it has always remained the same. On Friday, October 3rd, Marvel proudly released the first image of their first collaboration with Netflix. Fans rejoiced in seeing the logo for the 2015 t.v. series “Daredevil” lifted straight from the Marvel Knight, Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada series from 2000. What gave Marvel and ‘Ol Hornhead fans even more of a reason to celebrate was the announcement of their full plans outside of the previously announced panel. A ticketed, signing event featuring Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock), Vincent D’Onofrio (Wilson Fisk), Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson), and Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page) will take place on Saturday, October 11 from 3:45 to 4:45 p.m. ET at the Marvel booth #1354. The cast from the upcoming series will be signing an exclusive print drawn and designed by comic book legend, Joe Quesada.
“Daredevil” is definitely going to be a hot as the devil panel and signing at New York Comic Con this year. Expect a massive “Man Without Fear” presence over the course of four days and be sure to check back at www.whatchareading.com for more updates.

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