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“Daredevil” – Steven DeKnight Twitter Q&A


"Daredevil" - Steven DeKnight Twitter Q&AMuch to the chagrin of Marvel’s Daredevil fans, showrunner Steven DeKnight held an impromptu Q&A on Twitter. As nothing too spoilery was revealed, several important details were announced which is sure to gets fans even more excited for the May 2015 premiere.

DeKnight was quick to point out that Marvel’s Daredevil, set as the first in a lineup of Netflix originals, “is pretty damn awesome” and that the tone will border on what image-daredevil-netflix-showrunner-has-a-q-a-on-twitter-0a116b9f-a539-400d-bc79-0e22d99c8f97he calls is “PG-16-ish.” While it may not be as violent as his other hit show, “Spartacus”, the violence will still be gritty. The tone that Marvel is going for seems consistent with the acclaimed Frank Miller/ Klaus Janson run, not to mention the well-received Bendis/ Maleev series. While we have only seen a version of the costume, first released at NYCC, that has been lifted directly from the Miller/ Romita Jr. miniseries “The Man Without Fear”, DeKnight remained coy when asked “are you allowed to tell us whether or not the iconic red suit will appear on the show?” by simply responding “Can’t say.  Must watch.”

image-daredevil-netflix-showrunner-has-a-q-a-on-twitter-ab1e5322-6f8a-4f9a-a9bc-8a33c1183251One of the integral aspects of Matt Murdock is that he is a devout Catholic.  His religion and faith, which has been the focus of several storylines, including Kevin Smith’s “Guardian Devil”, will not go unspoken of.  Showrunner, DeKnight was quick to address Murdock’s catholocism in the following tweet:


Marvel has consistently shown that they have a keen way of selecting the right teams to bring their characters to the screen.  After an appearance at NYCC, and an open Twitter feed dedicated to the fans, Steven has already won fans over for Team Daredevil.  He has also shown that his vision for Ol’ Hornhead is in line with how we hope the character would be represented. In just 6 months, Marvel’s Daredevil premieres as a Netflix exclusive.  And Daredevil will undoubtedly join the ranks of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor.

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