Dare2Draw Launches Kickstarter For Their First Dare2Draw Nexus Anthology ~ What'cha Reading?

Dare2Draw Launches Kickstarter For Their First Dare2Draw Nexus Anthology


The Inaugural Dare2Draw Nexus Anthology Features Up-and-Coming Artists Mentored by Top Professionals

The Dare2Draw Nexus Anthology

Mentoring Anthology featuring Nexus

Dare2Draw, the premier mentoring program for aspiring comic book artists, and The Kubert School, the foremost educational facility for the comic book arts, have joined together to help their students become professional artists. Each artist is putting what they have learned at the Dare2Draw program and the Kubert School and applying it to all-new thrilling stories written by the industrys top writers featuring the iconic superhero Nexus, created by Steve Rude and Mike Baron.

Breaking into the comic book industry is more challenging than ever. Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, and many others publish comics known throughout the world and the competition to work for any of these companies is on a global scale. One sure way for any artist to get noticed is to have published artwork ready to show any editor at the major publishers.

Publishers won’t take a chance on the new guy

New talent breaking into the comics business rarely get a chance to start off working for a big company. The publishers won’t take a chance on the new guy. They want to see that an artist is reliable, talented and established. So how do you become established if no one will take a chance on you? Sadly, a new artist will wind up taking a job that promises them “exposure” for little or no wages.

The Dare2Draw Nexus Anthology is all about giving new artists that chance by giving them the best platform to show off their skills, while being paid a fair wage.

This is where you come in! As a supporter of the Kickstarter, you are making sure these artists get a fair chance to get started in the industry we all love.

Dare2Draw needs your help to give these extraordinary young talents a great start.

Spearheading this campaign is Dare2Draw Founder and Executive Director Charles D Chenet. “We’ve asked some of the top talent in the comic book industry and past Dare2Draw Mentors to contribute their skills to support this project,” said Charles. “The goal is to mentor this outstanding new batch of comic book artists, with the help of Simon Fraser, our Resident Mentoring Artist and Brendan Wright, our Editor on this project.”

Drawing these stories are artists who have consistently shown their outstanding skills and talent at Dare2Draw events, as well as the best of the Kubert School’s 3rd-year students. Participating in this first-of-its-kind printed mentorship project are Comic Book Professionals: Adam Kubert, Andy Kubert, Mike Chen, Steve Rude, Mike Baron, Simon Fraser, Brendan Wright; professional writers: Alex DeCampi, Amy Chu, Ron Marz, Corinna Bechko, Eric M. Esquivel, Teel James Glenn, Jason Sterr; professional colorists: Tom Ziuko, Paul Mounts and Marissa Louise Czerniejewski; professional letterer: Dezi Sienty; and comic book and military veteran: Mike Harris.

Eliot Fernandez at work on one of the pages of the Mentoring Anthology.

Eliot Fernandez at work on one of the pages of the Mentoring Anthology.

The Ultimate Goal…

The ultimate goal is to have the anthology be available in print, in October, for New York Comic Con 2016, one of the biggest celebrations of comic book culture in the world. Dare2Draw will have a table in Artist Alley featuring the talents who worked on the Mentoring Anthology, ready to meet and greet their new fans and network with representatives of the major publishers at NYCC, with their published work in hand!

Please support these artists today! Here’s a link to the Kickstarter project –  http://kck.st/1Ypoami

Dare2Draw is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit, educational and cultural organization dedicated to creating and supporting mentoring and networking opportunities for cartoonists of all levels; cultivating the awareness of and appreciation for the study of sequential art; and the furtherance and preservation of the comic book medium’s contributions to literacy, art, and culture, through outreach programs, events, and projects.

For more information, please visit the Facebook event and the anthology section of the Dare2Draw website.  http://www.dare2draw.org/anthology-1/

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