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Danger Girl/Army of Darkness – Hail to the King, Baby.


Dynamite has made the universe cross-over fun again. There’s no stress, no aggravation, no 20-title “must buy” issues that seem to go on for infinity (see what I did there?). And the storylines are just fun. Remember when comics were fun? My entree into the Dynamite crossover came via the Prophecy crossover trade, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This time, I kicked back with a copy of the Danger Girl/Army of Darkness trade, which collects the 6-issue 2012 series that pairs our favorite guy with the gun with the team of she-spies.

dangergirl_army of darkness


The Necronomicon is back and causing trouble. Adventurer Abbey Chase discovers the book has been stolen while on a rescue  mission. She has one page from the book, and the words form a picture in front of her very eyes – it’s Ash, of Evil Dead/Army of Darkness fame.

Meanwhile, Ash is not having a great day. His metal hand is acting downright possessed, and he’s seeing zombies all over the place. He’s pretty sure he’s not going crazy again, which could only mean one other thing: someone’s got hold of the book. The Danger Girls have to track Ash down to help them recover the book – can he keep his mouth shut and stay out of trouble long enough to recover the Necronomicon and put it to rest for once and for all? Come on, this is Ash we’re talking about. If he was to behave, what would be the fun?

And this book is fun. It’s got action, adventure, a little bit of Deadite, and fast-paced, witty dialogue. Andy Hartnell’s writing and Chris Bolson’s art come together to form a quickly-moving story that kept me turning pages and chuckling. I had a great time with this book; Hartnell captures Ash’s cockiness that always manages to stay on the funny side of jackassery. The Danger Girls’ personalities are distinct and complementary despite their differences. Bolson’s art is visually interesting, with good movement and perspective. And it’s nice to see a group of heroines that aren’t falling out of their tops – I mean, how are you chasing bad guys without a proper foundation garment, ladies, am I right? They Danger Girls are sexy and strong without falling into caricature, for which I am grateful. And the J. Scott Campbell cover is great stuff.

Pick up Danger Girl/Army of Darkness – who’s not a fan of Bruce Campbell? It’s on shelves now, so there’s no wait. I give this one 4/5 Deadites.

Writer: Andy Hartnell
Artist: Chris Bolson
Cover Artist: J. Scott Campbell
Publisher: Dynamite
Pub Date: Available Now
Price: $19.99
UPC: 978160690246251999

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