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Danger Girl: Trinity 3 – Like Bond Girls, but Better.


I was a Gen13 fan back in the ’90s, but I missed out on Danger Girl‘s first run. Needless to say, I was excited to see this title in my inbox, because I always enjoy something good from J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell, Danger Girl‘s co-creator.

danger girl trinity 3

The Danger Girls are a group of secret agents. Take a Bond Girl, add a dash of Lara Croft and a pinch of Indiana Jones, and you’re on the right track. In Trinity, the girls are working on their own missions, but we see, in issue 3, that they start to come together again as they search for one of their own, Abbey Chase. I don’t want to get too spoilerific here, but there’s a lot of action in this issue as the three storylines come together. Abbey’s story is key to the 4-issue series, and it looks like she’s gotten herself into a bit of hot water. Are the other Danger Girls going to be able to bail her out?

The art is fantastic. J. Scott Campbell is doing the cover art, and man, I missed him. Each issue has a different Danger Girl on the cover, and Sonya Savage has cover duties this month. There are three artists working on this title, each handling a different Danger Girl – it’s an interesting concept, and Stephen Molnar, Harvey Tolibao, and John Royle each give their Girl her own personality without disrupting the book’s flow. The transitions are smooth and the artists’ work complements one another. Andy Hartnell’s writing keeps the story moving and the dialogue fresh. I especially liked the interplay between Sonya Savage and her prisoner, Dallas – lots of fast-paced, screwball comedy dialogue that always makes for a good read.

This book hits shelves tomorrow, so join me in picking up a copy. I think I’ll check out the back issues boxes to see if I can get hold of issues 1 and 2, while I’m at it.

Danger Girl: Trinity #3
Writer: Andy Hartnell
Artist: Stephen Molnar, Harvey Tolibao, John Royle
Cover Artist: J. Scott Campbell
Format: COMIC
Price: $3.99
UPC: 82771400453300311
On Sale June 19, 2013
Publisher IDW
Diamond Id: APR130395

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