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D4VE – From Zero to Hero!?


D4VE - From Zero to Hero!?

With issue four of a five issue series being released today (4/16) this may seem like an odd time to offer a review of the series. Actually it’s the perfect time. I have had the pleasure of reading issues one through four and I need to get you on the band wagon before the fifth and final issue drops.

D4VE lives in a world that has evolved past humans but not past the limits and foibles of humanity. He’s like a lot mid-aged guys, told he’s past his prime by everyone, his wife, his job, society in general. And he’s come to believe it himself, spending his days dreaming of better times. The fact that he spent those better days killing entire populations of other planets under the auspices of “protecting 34RTH” is neither here nor there. Those were the days. And D4VE would give anything to go back to the days of being a hero of the people.

D4VE_01-3 D4VE_01-4 D4VE_01-5

The art is gorgeous, the third page second to last panel where D4VE is shrugging conveys emotion better than any six comics I read in a month from Marvel or DC. The future-speak robot dialogue takes a little getting used to but once you find the flow phrases like “VAJAZZLE ME” just glide by, their meaning obvious. The only problem I can say I had with issue one was D4VE_02-1the lack of action. I mean I wasn’t expecting an “action book” but this was almost “slice of life” paced. Sure I’m over 40, I’ve been facing a mid-life crisis for 15 or 20 years but c’mon I’m over 40 and have been facing a mid-life crisis for 15 or 20 years now, hit something already!

Happily issue two gets you primed for the fight of D4VE’s life, as his love life, his job all seem to hit bottom the invasion of 34RTH by an alien race definitely ups the ante. Now if D4VE can get himself together enough to fight…

D4VE_02-3 D4VE_02-4 D4VE_02-5

Again the art just blew me away, Valentin Ramon’s ability to render this world in such realistic detail when working with a future devoid of anything human is astounding. D4VE has no mouth, no eyebrows, just a single eye that changes color but his body language tells the story beautifully. By the end of issue two we know we’re gonna see some crazy alien-stomping action, maybe there’s a chance for D4VE to redeem himself in everyone’s eyes? Including his own?

Issue three and four careen through D4VE’s preparations for war! Gather your weapons, recruit your army (if they’re into it?) and say your goodbyes, this could be the big one!


Issue #3

D4VE_03-3 D4VE_03-4 D4VE_03-5



Issue #4

D4VE_04-3 D4VE_04-4 D4VE_04-5

How’s it all going to end? With a bang? A whimper? Something completely different?

With a titular character you want to get behind, a fresh story idea and art of this caliber D4VE is a must buy. And each issue is just 99 cents on comixology…

I’m going out on a limb here, but even without seeing the last issue I think D4VE is a 5 out of 5!

Get to comixology and pick up the whole series!

D4VE #4
Written by Ryan Ferrier
Art by Valentin Ramon
Genres: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction
Publisher: Monkeybrain
Page Count: 28 Pages
Digital Release Date: April 16 2014
Age Rating: 17+ Only


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