D4VE Rides Off Into The Sunset! Well, Kind Of... ~ What'cha Reading?

D4VE Rides Off Into The Sunset! Well, Kind Of…


D4VE Rides Off Into The Sunset! Well, Kind Of...

I got on board with D4VE a little late but that is one of the awesome things about digital comics. All five issues are there, in the store, waiting… waiting for you…

Issue #5 finds us at the end of our story, and the end of D4VE himself?

I loved D4VE when I reviewed the first couple of issues, would the conclusion be as good? How’s it all going to end? With a bang? A whimper? Something completely different?


D4VE_05-3 D4VE_05-4 D4VE_05-5

Said it then, I’ll say it again ;

With a titular character you want to get behind, a fresh story idea and art of this caliber D4VE is a must buy. And each issue is just 99 cents on comixology…

The conclusion is great! It satisfies while keeping the door propped firmly open for the next arc in D4VE’s life (Right Ryan? Guys?). I guess the only question that remains is when does the trade come out???

D4VE #5
Written by Ryan Ferrier
Art by Valentin Ramon
Genres: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction
Publisher: Monkeybrain
Page Count: 31 Pages
Digital Release Date: June 4 2014
Age Rating: 17+ Only

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