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D4VE is Coming To A Comic Shop Near You!


D4VE is Coming To A Comic Shop Near You!

Some time ago I had the good fortune to stumble across and read a mini series, D4VE was a story unlike any I had read before. My review (D4VE – From Zero to Hero!? April 2014) was long and wordy (as usual) but here’s my synopsis:

D4VE lives in a world that has evolved past humans but not past the limits and foibles of humanity. He’s like a lot mid-aged guys, told he’s past his prime by everyone, his wife, his job, society in general. And he’s come to believe it himself, spending his days dreaming of better times. The fact that he spent those better days killing entire populations of other planets under the auspices of “protecting 34RTH” is neither here nor there. Those were the days. And D4VE would give anything to go back to the days of being a hero of the people.

The art is gorgeous, Valentin Ramon’s ability to convey emotion when working with an almost faceless robot is amazing, and Ryan Ferrier’s story has such pathos, humor, and action that this book is just totally worth the read.


Check out the press release:

D4VE’s Mid-Life. Crisis. Is Coming To Print At IDW Publishing
Experience The Comedy Of One Robot’s Existential Crisis In Print

61d294c3-5bb4-4883-a571-7e3d943dd701San Diego, CA (November 12, 2014) – The partnership between IDW Publishing and Monkeybrain has brought some of the most critically acclaimed digital comic-book series to an entirely new readership, and both are pleased to welcome another to the printed page: D4VE.

A war for Earth was fought and the robots have won but the results are far less “brave new world” and more of the “same old, same old.” Starting February 2015, fans of print comics will get the opportunity to meet D4VE, a great robot war hero who now is trapped behind a desk at a soul-sucking day job.

D4VE is the brainchild of series writer Ryan Ferrier and artist Valentin Ramon. In the five-issue series, D4VE battles traffic, mortgage payments, and the mundane when all he wants to do is battle monsters like in his glory days. But those days are gone…right? Little does D4VE know that something big is going to help snap him out of this mid-life: crisis.

“D4VE is a story so close to our hearts, and to be able to bring our special brand of bizarre to the monthly print market is, frankly, insanely freaking cool,” said series writer, Ferrier. “Monkeybrain blessed us with the opportunity to tell this story digital-first, and IDW is the perfect home—one built on unique and daring storytelling—for our madness to reach even more readers. We’d have to invent a new word to express our excitement, so we did: we are totally superextribbulated for D4VE to come out through IDW.”

“Having D4VE find a new audience in print through IDW is a huge honor,” said series artist, Ramon. “They are a publisher that inspires so much of what we have aimed to do with our story—pushing boundaries and expectations, featuring characters you can connect with. We hope our readers love D4VE as much as we loved creating it.”

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