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Cupcake POW!, Volume 1 Pokes Fun at “Girl Comics”.


Cupcake POW! takes the idea that girl comics should be froofy and cute and turns it on its head. You can find it as a webcomic on, and you can buy the first volume of comics on Comixology for $1.99.

cupcake pow1

Everything about Cupcake POW!’s appearance brings the word “girly” to mind, from the loopy, middle school handwriting to the comic characters themselves – a unicorn, a princess, and cupcakes: red velvet, vanilla with sparkly sprinkles, carrot cake, and a Japanese green tea cupcake. They all have wide eyes and are drawn like something you’d find in a ‘tween girl’s notebook.

And that’s where the overt girliness ends, my friends. Because, you see, Cupcake POW! is all about taking these “girly” tropes and flipping them on their ears. The unicorn – a male, by the way – talks about drugs and sex. The princess could probably hang with my girlfriends and me, spouting off about being a damsel in distress (and risking her life for bacon rather than for a man), wanting a PS3 and Blu-Ray of Battlestar Galactica for Christmas, and being considered an “easy bake baby oven” for some guy. The red velvet cupcake is kind of a Blanche Devereaux from Golden Girls; the carrot cake is a guy tired of rejection, the vanilla cupcake is tried of being left behind and wondering why no one ever comes back, and the green tea thinks about crazy, science fiction-related situations.

The comic, written and (kinda) drawn by Jody Hauser, is simple, funny, and written with tongue firmly planted in cheek. You’re going to smirk, chuckle, and occasionally laugh out loud. You’ll probably share a few with your friends – I shared this one from the website earlier, with my friends on Facebook:

cupcakepow_red velvet


Cupcake POW! is a fun webcomic and worth the $1.99 for a collection of the earlier stuff, if you want it all in one place. I’ve bookmarked the site so I can come back to it, because I got a kick out of it. I give it a strong 3/5, which may even go up to a 4 after I read the strip for a little while. Give it a shot, you’ll like it.

Writer and Artist: Jody Hauser
Pub Date: Volume 1 on Comixology/Webcomic on
Price: $1.99 for Volume 1


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