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Crossing – A New Series from Enrica Jang and Alex Cormack


Consider this a pre-review and signal boost. Enrica Jang and Alex Cormack are launching a new project called Crossing. I’ve read a eight-page preview and absolutely loved it! Hopefully you all know these two creators already but if not, Enrica Jang is a creator, writer, and publisher, her projects at Red Stylo get great reviews across the interwebs. Alex Cormack is a creator, artist, and all around talent who’s work has also seen rave reviews here and around the web. I have no doubt that these two on a project together will be amazing. The project is live on kickstarter right now!

Editor’s note: Here’s the link!

Go to the facebook event page or Red Stylo’s site or twitter @red_stylo for more details on how to get your copy! Need a bit more? Read on past the bump for a pre-view review…

Crossing - A New Series from Enrica Jang and Alex Cormack


Still here? Okay here’s what I think of the preview…

A man walks into a bar… That setup tells you right away what you’re in for, it’s probably the most well known opener around. When you hear it you can’t wait for the twist, the punchline, the resolution. The first six pages of Enrica and Alex’s new book are like that classic setup, you jump right in expecting one thing and then you get hit with the turn and you can’t wait to see what’s next.

Crossing opens with an arguement, an uncomfortable one at that, between a man and woman. You know there’s weight to it, they’re both very vested in their stances and you buy the situation immediately. Then it turns on it’s head. And at that very moment I was hooked.


CROSSING-Issue-1-pg5color-copy CROSSING-Issue-1-pg6color-copy

There are two more page to the preview, but you won’t see it here. Follow the links above for a little more of the story and for your chance to get in early.

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