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Critical Hit #3 – Fight Your Way Out!


The last issue of Black Mask’s Critical Hit left us on one hell of a cliffhanger: after getting caught while sabotaging a hunters’ lodge, Jeanette and Sarah are locked inside a shed, waiting for the hunters to come back and finish them off. One of them isn’t doing well at all, having been beaten before the hunters are called away – but they’ll be back.

Critical Hit #3 - Fight Your Way Out!

It’s time for some quick thinking and quicker moving. Looking around the shed, we all know that these are not an ordinary bunch of weekend warriors who get off on their annual hunting trip. These guys are far scarier, promising far worse than they’ve already doled out. Jeanette and Sarah need to be prepared for anything – their lives are at stake. Parallel to the main story, flashbacks seem to be leading us to each woman’s breaking point, crafting her into the person she is today – and possibly setting the stage for what’s to come.

This series has to be the most intense series Matt Miner has written yet. Every issue is taut, pumping with fight-or-flight adrenaline, and leaves readers on the edge of a knife, waiting for the next four weeks to pass until we can get our fix again.

The art is just as intense as the writing. Artist Jonathan Brandon Sawyer and colorist Doug Garbark give us powerful images, be it the aftermath of domestic violence or a character’s grim realization that one’s friend is in bad shape, and toeing the line between outright panic and self-control. What this team is doing on this book is just incredible.

Make sure to check out the great animal rescue story featured at the end of the book. Like I’ve said before, Matt is one of the most genuine people around when it comes to animal rescue, and he makes education a top priority. I’ve learned so much about animal rescue from his comics and from talking to him in person.

Matt Miner and Sean Von Gorman (from Toe Tag Riot) are going to be signing tonight at Forbidden Planet in NYC, so if you have plans to go, make sure to pick up your copy of Critical Hit #3 – it hits shelves TODAY.

Writer: Matt Miner
Artist: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Colorist: Doug Garbark
Publisher: Black Mask Studios
Price: $3.99
On-Sale: November 26, 2014
Diamond ID: AUG141128

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