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Critical Hit #2 Keeps The Pressure On!


Matt Miner’s latest Black Mask series, Critical Hit, just doesn’t let up. This second issue? INTENSE.

Critical Hit #2 Keeps The Pressure On!

In the last issue, Jeanette (who we met in the Liberator series) and Sarah (from Salvation of the Innocents) weren’t doing so well – they were on an action, taking apart a hunting operation, and got caught. In this issue, things aren’t getting any better for the two of them.

We also continue the shifting back and forth in time, to get a clearer picture of what’s been going on in their lives. We see them break up a dog fighting operation, which, I’ll warn you now, will make you want to hit something and at the same time, hold your dog (or cats, in my case) and just let them know that they’re safe. Matt, an animal rescuer himself, writes this scene like a person who knows what dog fighting arenas look like, and the all too real toll they take on the dogs that live the nightmare.

But that’s just a small part of a huge issue. Where Matt concentrated on animal rescue missions in Liberator, Critical Hit focuses on the danger animal advocates find themselves facing as they set about their work. Jeanette and Sarah are in a hell of a situation, and I’m yelling at my computer, now that the issue has ended, and I have to wait another four weeks for the next issue.


Critical Hit #2 – 2 page spread


Critical Hit also gives us a sketchbook and some photos of people buying the cool Liberator swag at Hot Topic. Go buy a shirt and fund animal rescue! (30% of the profits go to animal rescue work.)

Bottom line: Critical Hit continues Black Mask’s line of comics with a conscience. Support this company, and know that your dollars are doing things. Good things. Critical Hit #2 hits shelves this Wednesday.

Writer: Matt Miner
Artist: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Publisher: Black Mask
Price: $3.99
On-Sale: October 29, 2o14
Diamond ID: JUL140935


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