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Crime & Space by Cee Raymond Looks Crazy Good!


Editor’s Note (04/24/16 12:27 am EST) My queries were answered and it seem the project has been shelved for an indefinite amount of time. It’s a shame this is one of those comics I’d love to see get made. Maybe someday we will. – Chuck

Editor’s Note (04/23/16 11:38 pm EST) I went back to kickstarter to confirm my pledge and found the project cancelled. I’ve reached out through kickstarter and hope to have an update soon. – Chuck

Crime & Space by Cee Raymond Looks Crazy Good!Cee Raymond’s Crime & Space is a current kickstarter project that you really need to check out. We haven’t been beating the drum for many kickstarters lately. There are a lot of books being kickstarted these days and without reviewing the material we don’t like to endorse campaigns. Crime & Space made it onto my radar through twitter, a creator I follow mentioned backing the campaign and (as usual) I took a look. Unlike too many of the ones we see this one had an abundance of finished pages and a hysterical plot synopsis, which I’ll excerpt here.

“ROY RIOT roams the galaxy with his robot partner CRAIG in The Rocket Queen, staying ahead of the law. Ready for that one big score.”

“In issue 1 of Crime & Space Roy is after an elusive earth artifact, the infamous Nude portrait of Bea Arthur and that puts he and Craig right in the thick of it with motorized devil dogs, daring deep space escapes and in the cross hairs of a mutant gun slinging french poodle named Bob…”

That is one of the most unique descriptions I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been doing this for years. As I said above there were also drawn, inked, and lettered pages. Here’s a few to whet your whistle.

Crime&Space00 Crime&Space01 Crime&Space02

I’m backing this one, you should too the concept is unique and the art rocks. There are also some really good rewards, including a digital copy for just $3. Head over to the Crime & Space #1 kickstarter and pitch in a couple of bucks, that’s how independent comics get made.



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