Review - Creature Cops: SPECIAL VARMINT UNIT - Sci-fi Cop Procedural, with Hybrids! ~ What'cha Reading?

Review – Creature Cops: SPECIAL VARMINT UNIT – Sci-fi Cop Procedural, with Hybrids!


Review - Creature Cops: SPECIAL VARMINT UNIT - Sci-fi Cop Procedural, with Hybrids!

Dog fighting, cock fighting, illegal pets kept in inappropriate housing, Animal Control has seen it all, in Rob Anderson’s new book Creature Cops he raises the stakes way up!

“In this world, gene-spliced animals are commonplace, so instead of dealing with pit bulls or the occasional alligator, they’re facing Horned Mastiffs and gigantic gator-snakes,” said writer Rob Anderson. “Then, the officers discover a nest of what looks like mythological griffins and things really start to get out of control.”

That concept alone makes for a slew of potentially great stories. But Rob doesn’t just rely on the concept, he gives us a precinct full of cops who are interesting, flawed, heroic, dumb, gorgeous, too old for this sh@t, and all the other types of people you meet in a day. Not stereotypes mind you, people. And I got that from the first issue. Mind you I loved Rob’s previous title (Rex, Zombie Killer New 4 Issue Mini-Series, Pre-order NOW!) so I had high hopes for this series as well.

So take a bunch of Animal Control Enforcement Officers, put them in a city plagued with weird and hard to handle animals, make sure they’re underfunded and overworked then give them a brutal and twisted case to work. Step back and watch it unfold.

4 out of 5 for originality and execution. Let’s see how the rest of the mini series plays out.

 CreatureCops001InteriorP03-1000pix-200dpi CreatureCops001_pag22 CreatureCops002InteriorP01-1000pix-200dpi

Written by Rob Anderson (REX, ZOMBIE KILLER; MY LITTLE PONY)
Interior art by Fernando Melek (CROSSED: WISH YOU WERE HERE)
Inks by Novo Malgapo
Interior colors by Juan Romera
Cover colors by Kevin Volo
Letters and design by E.T. Dollman
Edits by Paul Allor (TMNT, GI JOE), Andy Schmidt (Comics Experience), and Bobby Curnow (IDW).
Published by: IDW Publishing & Comics Experience Publishing
Price $3.99
Release: January 2015 – available for pre-order in the November Diamond PREVIEWS catalog (Order Code: NOV140526)
Rated: TEEN+ (mature themes, language, and violence)

The miniseries is the premiere title in a line of creator-owned comics from new talent published by IDW in alliance with Comics Experience, the online educational company. According to Comics Experience President Andy Schmidt, “With this alliance, we’re offering up-and-coming creators a chance to reach a broader audience, and we’re excited to be launching with the drama, madness, and humor of CREATURE COPS.”

Comics Experience is an educational company dedicated to teaching the craft of comics creation in all disciplines, and helps develop new talent through its online community – the Creators Workshop. For more information on Comics Experience and the new publishing alliance with IDW, visit:

IDW Publishing is an award-winning publisher of comic books, graphic novels and trade paperbacks, based in San Diego, California. IDW Publishing titles are available from Diamond Comic Distributors and Diamond Book Distributors.

For more information on CREATURE COPS, visit:

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