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Crayola Art with Edge Batman and Justice League!


Crayola Art with Edge Batman and Justice League takes coloring to heroic heights!

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Hyperbole? Possible but check out this review and see what you think. I was skeptical at first but then I had a chance to open up two of the books. Surprising at first, the lack of binding, just a portfolio really, a bunch of individual sheets all ready to color and frame. Kind of a parent’s dream, I always hated tearing pages out to hang them up they never really look neat enough.

2016-09-30-21-17-42Of course I worried how this would go, the four kids I had tasked with evaluating these books were an odd choice. My 6-year-old son, my 10-year-old daughter, and the daughters of some very close friends. So I dropped 80 super hero coloring pages and a box of colored pencils in front of two 10-year-old girls, a 7-year-old girl, and a 6-year-old boy. I bet you can imagine the results.

Actually I was happily surprised. My daughter Rebecca and her friend Anna dug right in flipping through the pages finding the one’s they thought were cool. Charlie, my son, was over the moon, he had super heroes to color and friends to do it with, doesn’t get better at that age. Only my buddy Emily, the 2nd grader was more, reserved. She’s not a super hero fan exactly, not many girls her age are, but she too wound up coloring more than a few pages and was more than happy enough with the results to take them home to keep.

2016-09-30-21-17-54So what does all that mean? Well I guess it shows that a quality product crosses boundaries. We had a pretty disparate group but fun was had by all. Even I colored a Flash I’m quite proud of. I can only find two things I wasn’t crazy about. Problem one? No credit for the artists. I understand that all the images are property of DC Comics but would giving credit to the artists been that hard to do? The second is a little more subjective. Though most of the pages had really detailed art several had thick almost old-school coloring book style lines, a little disappointing, but not enough of an issue to make a big deal over. Final thought? This is definitely worth picking up for the super hero fans that love to color and save their masterpieces. I know I’ll have at least one or two in the closet for play-dates.

Feel like checking them out for your self? Follow the links below to buy them directly from Crayola.

04-0026-0_product_art_with_edge_justice-league_h2ART WITH EDGE COLORING BOOKS

  • Sugar Skulls – Mash-up of cute and ghoulish skulls
  • Zombie Daze – Zombie life in all of its gory
  • Say What?! – Inspirational pearls of wisdom
  • Ridiculousness – Quirky and kooky designs
  • Graffiti –  Inspired by the stylish scrawls of deftly-skilled street artists
  • Justice League™ – Super heroes tackle action-packed adventures
  • Batman™ – The Dark Knight, his friends and enemies seek control of Gotham City

Each book features up to 40 premium coloring pages and up to one hour of coloring time per page.


Each kit features 20 unique coloring pages and 20 Crayola Fine Line Markers for the ultimate coloring experience.


The Art With Edge line can be purchased on and retailers nationwide for an estimated retail price of $6.99 for the coloring books and $14.99 for the coloring kits.

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