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Craig Ferguson returns to television with Join or Die!


Thank You! Things just haven’t been the same late at night. I’ve had this unsettle feeling that something’s missing. Today I figured it out. We need our Craig Ferguson back!

Starting February 18th on the History Channel we’re getting Join or Die with Craig Feruson. The show will be a talk show format that couples celebrities and comedians with experts.

Craig Ferguson returns to television with Join or Die!

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Here is how Ferguson describes the show:

We book people who know what they’re talking about, so that each show contains, you know, a celebrity who may or may not know what the subject matter is, but knows how to talk in that environment,” said Ferguson during the panel. “We tend to book comedians because they tend to look at what’s going on around them and be very observant. And then with each show we try and book someone who’s an expert in the field so if I don’t you know, if I don’t know the answer to something, I’ll just ask it. I think that what I wanted to do, what I wanted to achieve with this show is create a show where a real discussion could take place. And by a real discussion what I meant was what I mean is we had arguments on the show. We’ve made 22 shows and we’ve had I’ve had discussions where I was put in over points of view which I didn’t agree with, but I wanted them to be in the discussion, because that’s, I believe, what real discussion is.

All I know is they found one of the most intelligent, hysterical, interested and interesting people I’ve ever watched and they gave him a show that isn’t bubblegum. Gosh I hope this lasts.

Join or Die with Craig Ferguson Series Premiere Thu Feb 18 at 11/10c on The History Channel, check your local listings.

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