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Corktown – from Alterna Press


When you run a site like this there is no better email than the one that has info about an artist or writer you enjoy embarking on a new project. Well I got one of those today! Alterna has been around for a while and they’ve done some great projects. I have a feeling this one may make a big splash…

Corktown - from Alterna Press

CORKTOWN promotional image by Scott Ewen


CORKTOWN is the brand new 3 issue horror series coming in 2016 from Mario Candelaria (ASHES, ÉPILOGUE), Scott Ewen (THE SUNDAYS, LIGHTSHADE, FLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD), and David Ganjamie (ÉPILOGUE).

Set in the Corktown area of Detroit, Michigan, CORKTOWN follows the disembodied spirit of a fallen Detroit P.D. detective as she fights to stop her bloodthirsty reanimated corpse’s killing spree so she can finally rest in peace.

“I’ve always wondered what happened when vampires died,” says writer Candelaria. “Their bodies are still animated, but they are always referred to as ‘being dead’ and that inspired Scott and I to tell this story. I am glad that Alterna gave Scott, Dave, and I an outlet that allows us to tell it our way.”

The book is set in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit which is Scott Ewen’s, the series artist, hometown…


 “In the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit is a huge, spooky abandoned train station, and every time I drove past it with my wife she would talk about how she it looked like a setting for a horror movie. I told Mario about it and we had a perfect setting for the story.”


So we’ve got a fresh take on vampires and ghosts set in a town that has it’s share of creep factor. And the book has an solid team working on it. Safe to say this one’s a must read.

Be on the look out for more announcements in the coming months. And check out more of Alterna Comics at the links below…

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