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Cool New Kickstarter! – She Makes Comics


photo-littleAs a woman who reads and writes about comics, I know for a fact that there are tons of women who love them and create them. Somehow they are always treated as an oddity or forgotten but there have been more of them than most of us realize.  Respect! Films and Sequart are working on a documentary to celebrate those women.  They are running a Kickstarter to help support their endeavor.

From the site:
From the early days of the medium to the present, women have had an important and sometimes overlooked hand in the creation of comics. Alternative and underground comics, graphic novels, and webcomics have been particularly fruitful areas for female creators. And more women than ever are involved in iconic mainstream comics franchises.

While women have made significant strides in the medium over the past several decades, it’s still not easy to be a woman in comics. Female readers fight to be recognized as legitimate fans in an insular and sometimes sexist community. In mainstream comics, there remains an unequal balance of women in creative and business roles, and some publishers have been criticized for misogynistic portrayals of women in their titles. The pessimistic question is often asked: is there a place for women in comics?

In spite of these issues, our project intends to emphasize the valuable contributions women have made since the Golden Age of comics. They may not be as recognizable as Will Eisner or Stan Lee, but we hope to make some of comics’ most prolific women into household names by showcasing their talents and contributions.

I’m a supporter and I hope you will be too.

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