Contropussy. Yes I said Contropussy. From IDW Publishing ~ What'cha Reading?

Contropussy. Yes I said Contropussy. From IDW Publishing


Seems in November a book slipped past me, now stop laughing I know that happens often, this is different.

I was/am a huge Buffy fan so this book really should have been on my radar.


Did you see it? Emma Caulfield? Anya? 90210’s Susan Keats? I’m all for actors branching out and I’ve seen many actors as well as musicians make a good showing in comics. But honestly there have been just as many flops. So today while i was researching my next article (cough surfing twitter and facebook cough cough) I noticed the IDW page had posted some of the book. Needless to say I had to take a gander…

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I like it, the cross between noir-ish and kinda beatnik dialogue, the art that calls you right back to the underground comics scene. The jokes are low brow and funny, and I love all the puns written and drawn in the background. This doesn’t seem as off the wall as say Fritz the Cat but I didn’t get read the entire graphic novel yet so I don’t know how far they went. I think it’s definitely a buy for me, if you’re a fan of Ms Caulfield or raunchy underground comics this one is probably a safe bet for you too. I give it a 3 out of 5, didn’t knock my socks off but it was well done, definitely cool man…

Looking to own a copy? Contact your local comic shop or shop IDW online, tell’em What’cha Reading sent you daddy-o.


Written by: Emma Caulfield, Camilla Outzen Rantsen
Art: Christian Meesey, Thomas Mauer
Cover Art: Christian Meesey
From Emma Caulfield, the popular actress who portrayed Anya on Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and co-writer Camilla Rantsen, comes Contropussy, a story about a cat with a major itch to scratch. By day she is a mild mannered feline, but by night she comes alive, adventuring in the city, eventually finding herself a pawn in political schemes.
Price: $19.99
ISBN: 978161377482351999
On Sale November 21, 2012
Publisher IDW
Diamond Id: SEP120381

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