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ComixTribe takes NYCC 2014 by Storm! Exclusives, Signings!


ComixTribe takes NYCC 2014 by Storm! Exclusives, Signings!As if offering an exclusive Oxymoron sneak preview wasn’t enough, ComixTribe is also bringing a new printing of their fantastic horror series, And Then Emily Was Gone, to New York Comic Con. The new printing features a blank sketch cover, because Emily artist Iain Laurie will be there to draw on it for you when you meet him at his first U.S. appearance!

All three issues in the Emily mini-series have sold out at the distributor level, so GO GET THIS BOOK AT THE COMIXTRIBE TABLE. The series wraps up in November, and there’s a trade scheduled for a January release. Guess what I’ll be treating myself to in the new year? This book does not let up, folks. It’s the story of a detective who sees some pretty horrible things. Monster-type things. He’s called in to investigate the disappearance of a girl named Emily, and the search will take him to a remote community in the Scottish Orkney Islands. Things are waiting there for him, and that’s where the fun begins.

What else, you ask, will ComixTribe have for us? Glad you asked! There will be hardcovers of The Red Ten, Epic, Scam, and The Standard, as well as individual issues, for anyone who has holes in their collections that need filling.

They’ve also got a full signing schedule:

Rich Douek (Gutter Magic, SCAMthology) – Friday 11:00-12:30
Kirk Manley (Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers, SCAMthology) – Friday 1:00-2:30
Charlie “Talent” Wilson, III (Stuff of Legend, Wraith, SCAMthology) Friday 3:00-4:30
Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm, Nightmare the Rat, Oxymoron) Sunday 11:00-12:30

In addition, Tyler James, Lees, Joe Mulvey (SCAM), and Cesar Feliciano (THE RED TEN) will be at the ComixTribe Booths 1172-1271 throughout the weekend.

Make sure to go say hi, buy comics, and tell the guys that WhatchaReading sent you!

In the meantime, check out some of ComixTribe’s trailers:

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