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ComiXology SPX Bundle! Get This Now!


ComiXology SPX Bundle! Get This Now!I don’t know how long this has run or when it will end but this bundle has some of our favorite comics and creators, and at just $10 it comes to 95% off of the cover price!

So many we’ve loved (and reviewed)! Deadhorse, Zoötrope, M3, Too Much Coffee Man, Head Lopper, Chickens. And a bunch we’re either in the process of telling you about or should be! The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill, Plastic Farm, and Pigs just to name a few…

What more can I say, 82 comics, $10, some of the best indie books you’ll have occasion to read. This is a total collection for just 10 bucks!

Go get the Small Press Expo (SPX) 2014 Bundle now! (



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