announces new Creator Owned Submit policy ~ What'cha Reading? announces new Creator Owned Submit policy


So is unveiling a new “service”. Created a comic? Have no distribution channel? Upload it ti them through the new submissions process, they’ll look it over and if they approve it they’ll convert it to “guided view” and sell it for you. At a 50/50 split.

They enlisted the help of “Too Much Coffee Man!” To help explain the process….



Want an example of the converted guided view comic? Click Here
Now the release they sent out and the blog post it references don’t mention anything about copyright or licensing so check it out thoroughly before getting in too deep.

Even though I’m not a fan of guided view I have to admit this could be a really good deal for those of you who want to get some work out there. Who knows good sales from comixology could definitely help open the door to more traditional publishers.

What do you think? Good idea or comixology trying to take over the indie market? Sound off in the comments people!

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