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Review – Sherwood Texas from 12-Gauge Comics! Robin Hood Rides!


Review - Sherwood Texas from 12-Gauge Comics! Robin Hood Rides!

This re-imagining of the tale of Robin Hood comes to us via Sons of Anarchy, kind of… A tale of bikers, crime families, and murder. When we join the story it’s to find Rob on his return home to Sherwood Texas. Not a happy homecoming though, Rob is here to bury his father Richie the lion. Richie, the beneficent leader of the “Jesters” and the town, may have been murdered. And the most likely party to have committed it is the rival gang, the “Nobles”, from Nottingham. Rob’s reunion with his father’s people goes anything but smoothly and by the end of issue one he’s in some pretty hot water. Can he set things right with the Jesters and avenge his father?

This is a strong opening to what could be a really good series, with strong characters, good dialogue, and really cool art. The fact that it’s a limited series actually intrigues me, the promise of story resolution can do that, especially with the hanging plot event books constantly given to us by the big companies.

I’m giving Sherwood Texas a 3.5 out of 5. This book is an above average take on a classic tale, lets see how the story plays out.

Sherwood Tx #1 (of 5)
Writer: Berryhill, Shane
Artist: Hillyard, Daniel
Cover Artist: Robinson, Andrew
Price: $1.00
UPC: 85296900220100111
On Sale July 16, 2014
Publisher 12-Gauge Comics
Diamond Id: MAY141623

Yes, just one dollar. So if you missed the FCBD issue you still have an inexpensive way to check out this promising mini from 12-Gauge Comics!

Then is August we get issue #2, don’t read on unless you want issue #1 spoilers!


SHERWOOD, TX #2 (of 5)
Written By: Shane Berryhill
Artist: Daniel Hillyard
Colors: Charlie Kirchoff
Covers A and B: Andrew Robinson
Price: $3.99
24 pages
On Sale August 13, 2014
Publisher 12-Gauge Comics
Diamond Id: JUN141470


ROB HOOD, shot and left for dead by members of the Nobles Motorcycle Club, has miraculously survived. After a year in hiding, Hood assumes the identity of a mysterious new member of the Jesters MC known only as “Loxley.” As ‘Bike Week’ begins in Nottingham, Texas, the disguised Hood puts his plans for revenge into motion. Don’t miss the second installment of this bold reimagining of the Robin Hood legend— only from 12-Gauge Comics!


About the Publisher

12-Gauge Comics was founded by Keven Gardner in 2004 and currently publishes some of the most successful and critically acclaimed independent comic books in the marketplace today. Initial success came quickly for the company, when its debut title, THE RIDE, launched as the top-selling new black and white comic of the year in 2004. That was quickly followed by the release of Jason Pearson’s smash-hit BODY BAGS, which sold out immediately. 12-Gauge then solidified its position as a force to be reckoned with by packaging THE O.C.T. (Occult Crimes Taskforce), an original comic book concept co-created and starring actress ROSARIO DAWSON. THE O.C.T. has been featured on “The Today Show,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” “Access Hollywood,” and many other media outlets.

In 2009 12-Gauge began to firmly solidify its unique identity by publishing under its own banner (prior titles were through Image Comics), starting with the company’s first licensed property, THE BOONDOCK SAINTS: The Comic Series. Featuring original stories by series creator/director TROY DUFFY, the comics were a huge success. 12-Gauge then moved into the untapped market of country music with superstar recording artist TRACE ADKINS. In LUKE MC BAIN, Adkins lends his likeness to a hard-as-nails character in an adventure story of revenge and redemption. Adkins went on a wide publicity tour for the comics, with highlights being a guest appearance on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” and a feature story in “USA Today.” Critical praise has continued to follow the release of other new titles, such as the high-concept series MAGUS, R.P.M. from NYT #1 Bestselling author MICK FOLEY, the action-franchise ICE, gritty crime drama LOOSE ENDS, and Gale Anne Hurd’s ANTI. For more information, please visit

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