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Comics to Tv Shows: Here’s 10 Books We Think Would Rock On The Small Screen…


FromComic-TVComics to television shows, out of all the mediums available I think comic books lend themselves to TV and movies the smoothest. Odd that so few successfully cross over. After reading a similar post on Nerd Like You our writers started spit-balling ideas, here’s what we came up with…

Bob  – @dyrewolf1218

  • 100 Bullets… Intense TV show, lots of room for character actors to shine
  • Preacher … Definitely. Why this hasn’t been made into an HBO Showtime show is beyond insane
  • Ronin… Millers classic samurai future story screams to be directed by Snyder

Rob  – @altmindz

  • Y-the last man would make a killer show and might take away some of the hype around walking dead.
  • Love and Rockets would be perfect for either AMC or Showtime. Just needs an updated time frame.
  • High School of the Dead (Manga/Anime) it would sell for the younger zombie lovers. It needs just the modern film kind of look and all out action.

Chuck – @chuck_suffel

  • New 52 All-Star Western, Hex and Arkham have made a really good team, and Action/Westerns usually get a season or two.
  • The plethora of cryptozoological (not a word, can’t find the right one) books out there are ripe for the picking. Take Hoax Hunters, c’mon a reality show that goes around burying the truth? Perfect
  • And of course this wouldn’t be a conversation involving me if I didn’t bring up Princeless. Whether you Disney it up a little or go with a more How to Train Your Dragon style this would be a hit. And mark my words this show (or feature) will get made.


I agree that Princeless would be a great choice, and if you give Guillermo del Toro a Baltimore script, I’ll be there.

Juan@JuanCPineda chimed in that he’d love to see Liberty Meadows portrayed by Kat Dennings (and Bob admitted Kat Dennings portraying ANYONE would be welcome).

We also had votes for Maus, Persepolis, Molly Danger, Amelia Rules and Foiled. As well as Sweet Tooth, Chew, Yuki vs Panda, and Hawkeye (I agree Bob, Hawkeye really isn’t a “Super-Hero” even though he’s considered one).

So, with all those choices what are we getting? Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which looks amazing, and Powers (if it ever happens). Why? Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s licensing issues. Maybe we need to ask for them?

What are your dream comic to tv show adaptations? Sound off in the comments!

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