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ComicFest 2015 – Give Comics, Not Candy this Halloween!


ComicFest 2015 - Give Comics, Not Candy this Halloween!A few days ago, Diamond Comics announced they’d be celebrating yet another Halloween ComicFest this October.  The Halloween themed event, serving as a nice break between New York Comic Con and Halloween, works as a great, if not smaller, Free Comic Book Day of sorts.  Participating comic shops will offer plenty of free comic books under the Halloween ComicFest banner, along with plenty of other goodies for trick or treaters.

Today, Diamond announced that inside the July PREVIEWS catalog (they could be found at your local comic shop such as Queens’ Royal Collectibles) the public can order Halloween ComicFest Mini-Comic Packs.  Serving as a nice alternative to candy, or offered in addition to, these Mini-Comic Packs contain 25 kid-friendly titles suitable for all ages.  Whether you know someone who likes to read, enjoys comic books, or needs a healthy nudge in the right direction, these packs are perfect for this Halloween season.

Poly Bag Art_Am Gothic Poly Bag Art_Archie

Poly Bag Art_Garlicks Poly Bag Art_Bitten


Stay tuned for more information.


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