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The Comic Professionals Directory – A New Site For Creators!


A Comic Professionals Directory or The Comic Professionals Directory?

If you’re a creator you often find yourself looking for someone to hire or collaborate with. Most comic pros will tell you the same thing, network, network, network. Find friends, ask around, cruise deviant art and similar sites. And yes that works. But what if there was a Comic Professionals Directory? A site that actual comic professionals signed up, filled out their own biographies and listed their own credits. That could be cool. Add in the ability to have peer reviews on things like whether or not the pro in question delivers the work and or pays on time, how professional they are, their ability to communicate, the quality of their work, even the price range their services fall in. That would be one heck of a site. The Comics Pro Directory or promises just that.

Okay so it’s a comic book facebook?

Yes. And no. Yes there is a profile, that the pro fills out, there’s also room for art to be uploaded (and the site asks the community to be vigilant about pirated art.) But that peer review aspect should really help to keep it real. I especially liked the lack of a comment field. You can contribute a peer review but not random comments, that should definitely keep the kid stuff to a minimum. There are also a page of resources for creators featuring categories like; Indie Publishers, Press, Blogs & Podcasts, Web Publishing Platforms, Portfolios & Job Boards, How To Videos, and more. They also have a really solid page with tips on professionalism and navigating the business. At this moment there is both a pay and free option with a few bells and whistles held over for the paying member, time will tell how that plays out over time.

So what if I’m not a creator?

If you’re not one of the crazy, lucky few who’ve jumped into the world of comics this site might not have much to interest you. I have a feeling it will be a great place to track down that artist whose book you saw/picked up at a convention. Reviewers though often find themselves scratching their heads trying to remember where exactly we heard of this artist or that writer and usually (of course) google is a huge help. There are a few comic book database sites that give the low-down on most artists and writers. But letterers, colorists, and editors? Not always as easy to find that info.This just might be the answer.

What’s the Best Case Scenario?

Is it The Comic Professionals Directory or just a comic professional’s directory? Only time will tell. The best case scenario for a site like The Comic Professionals Directory is that a few of the bigger indie names sign up, and spread the word. If they do the comic creating crowd will follow. I’m looking forward to hearing stories at conventions and in comic book forewards that talk about finding that artist, writer, editor on a site like The Comic Pro Directory. This is the type of service that could really be a boon to the industry. Here’s hoping The Comics Pro Directory fills that need and proves to be a service where creators can find one another and make more great comics.

Check out the comic pros site and tell us what you think, as a creator, as a fan, feel free to sound off in the comments…

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