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Comic Art Auction for a Great Cause – The Reading With Pictures Auction!


We’ve had Tim, the Executive Director at Reading with Pictures, talk about how his organization is working to get comics and graphic novels in the classroom before. They had a great response to a Kickstarter for their textbook – can you imagine? A textbook that taught you using comic books? Think about that for a minute, folks. Would you have fallen asleep during Social Justice if you were allowed to read Batman? I think not.


It’s the perfect time, really – comics have entered the Common Core. For those of you staring at the screen funny, that means that comics are finding a home in the new educational system in place in schools across the country. Educators and administrators are finally figuring out that sequential art is the way to go – it’s visually interesting to kids, it’s easy to follow the story – a plus for young readers and ELL (English Language Learner) students, and, as we knew all along, the storylines are pretty darn deep.

Reading with Pictures is poised to get their textbook and teaching resources into every school in America, in a perfect situation. They’re ramping up, but but they need some help to keep the momentum going. That’s where we come in.

There’s an auction happening this week – a comic art auction, benefitting Reading With Pictures. You may recognize a few of the names – Mark Waid. Michael Turner (RIP). Jim Zubkavich of Skullkickers, the subject of a rave review on this very site. Andy Diggle. Michael Moreci – I could go on, but I’m distracting you. Go to Reading with Pictures’ eBay store right now, and check them out for yourself! All proceeds go to Reading with Pictures, so buy some awesome art and bask in the knowledge that you’ve done good.

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