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Comare – A Tragic Romance in Six Parts


Comare - A Tragic Romance in Six Parts

Los Angeles 1953. Amelia is in over her head. Her boyfriend Bradley, a soldier fighting over in Korea, hasn’t written her yet and she’s beginning to fear the worst. And somehow amidst the worry she’s found herself in an illicit affair with a married man. But surely as long as his wife stays out of it everything will be fine. Right, everything is just fine.

Comare opens like a 1940’s noir film, a car crash and a gunshot, then we jump back to see just how it all went sideways. It’s a classic story told in a classic style, I loved the preview. Here’s a few pages of it;

Comare01_01 Comare01_02
Comare01_03 Comare01_04 Comare01_05

Writer Mario Candelaria has assembled another great team (his first big splash Ashes was a great book and a critical success) to work on this project. Illustrator (and co-creator) Ashley St. Lawrence delivers some beautiful work, with depth and care, even when a panel isn’t textbook perfect is still has style and grace that keeps the book moving forward and looking gorgeous. Color artist Lesley Atlansky brings all the great stuff she did on High Crimes as color assistant and takes it further showing her own style in a palette that balances 50’s L.A. style with the story’s noir tone. Zakk Saam is one of those unsung heroes of comics. As a letterer his work is seen by so many, and so few realize how important that work is. Zakk has worked on more than a few projects and I always appreciate the style he brings to a job.

So when and where can you pick up this tour de force? Well that’s where it gets sticky. This is another creator owned project. You know what that means. Kickstarter. Now don’t moan and groan Mario has kept it reasonable. You can get the pdf or a physical copy for a fair cover price. I wish these great books weren’t always on kickstarter but this is indie people, we want the good stuff we gotta ask for it!

I hope you click the link (Comare) and check out what Mario has to say about the project. I think you’ll agree with me that this is a different kind of comic, and one that definitely has an audience. Who doesn’t enjoy a story of deceit, murder, and love? Especially when set in a glamorous bygone era.  Go get your copy…



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