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Colonia and Back Again – Log 2, The Wrong Tool for the Job


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Colonia and Back Again

GalNet connection set up. Source system: Droju LM-H b16-0. Recipient system: Sol. Ready to transmit. Timestamp 04:04 Nov 2 3302.

Good trek tonight. From midway to the first signpost, I’ve made it almost halfway to the second – and I can already see it. Sort of.

I have three weeks to bring a passenger 22,000 light years away and then back again. I have next to no long distance experience and don’t have a good ship for it. This is an Elite: Dangerous adventure.

boter_colonia_log2_pic1Some interesting things that I’ve noticed. When exiting hyperspace, the milky way is dark in front of me. I thought I’d entered a “dustier” area of the galaxy, but as soon as you leave the planetary ecliptic, there she is – bright as day. I’ll need to see if the same phenomenon holds true in the bubble; I don’t remember it but then I was never focused on the core of the galaxy as a goal in front of me, just scenery around me, so it’s entirely possible I just missed it. Not that I ever left the ecliptic too much.

As I fly, I’m watching stuff. Voltron: Legendary Defender on a second viewing has been good, and resulted in a pretty neat moment where I popped out of hyperspace in front of two huge suns the very moment the protagonists popped out of a wormhole in front of a sun about to go supernova. It was… immersive, to be sure.


Midway through the night, I arrived in Blu Thua AI-A c14-10. Here, the first depot lay – Hillary Depot. After a clumsy NPC interdiction attempt and hearing a flippin’ wedding barge on comms (“I don’t know if I can go through with the wedding!” Well your family paid some mad scratch to have this reception all the way out here so you’d better damn well fake it) I came planetside for a landing. I topped off and sold my exploration data so far. Honestly, refueling was rather perfunctory, but I like to imagine that the ground crew was just so eager.

Because I got confused during the exploration data selling, I have to estimate one of the pages I turned in, but with a rounding estimate there good to the ten thousands place (we’ll say 440,000 credits), I banked 1,475,333 Cr from that first leg. Let me tell you, it may not be the most time efficient way to make money, but if Ms. Müller ends up not paying out (due to me finishing too late or simply getting blown up) then I should at least be able to cover the rebuy, and then some. And if I make it all the way, exploration data should close the rest of the gap between her payout and the cost of the Beluga.

A word on the Orca I’m flying. The typical jump range of a ship that makes these sorts of things is 30 ly. The Orca? 15, and that’s minmaxed a bit heavily (while maintaining shields and weapons). She’s not a long distance flight sorta girl; instead, it’s like taking a lake cruise boat and deciding to cross the Atlantic. I have no doubt that you could do it, provided with enough opportunity to fuel up along the way and fair weather, but it’s not the sanest idea out there. The Beluga frankly doesn’t fare much better in jump range (20ish I hear?). The Orca does great at normal space speeds though, easily breaking 400 m/s, while the Beluga will be a bit slower. Still, on a long trip like this, you’re almost never in normal space, so that’s a moot point.

I don’t know, guys. I just want my big cruise ship.


Clockwise from upper-left: Approaching Hillary Outpost on planet A 4A; on the landing pad, looking around the depot; looking forward along my journey.

I exchanged a few words with an explorer friend of mine when I first set out. In my previous life, sheltered in the bubble, I was somewhat fascinated by his explorer’s ways, venturing to the very top of the galaxy, discovering Sol’s North Star, and other such intrepid adventures. But he said, “You’re about to journey a LOT farther from home than I ever have!” The magnitude of the journey is setting in. People have been here, certainly, especially when a Community Goal encouraged it, but it’s not a common destination. I wouldn’t expect to see many players out this way even if I was playing on Open (I’m not; I’m not about to let some OP spoilsport ruin this payout for me, if I die it’ll be by my own clumsy hand, thank you).

boter_colonia_log2_pic3After an hour’s layover at Hillary to catch up with a friend, I launched again. Voltron’s season-ending cliffhanger abruptly reached, I switched the in-flight movie to Titan A.E. Man, I need that movie on Blu-Ray, DVD does not do it justice.

At Blu Thua ML-W b59-5, I noticed a black cloud against the bright Milky Way. I recalled when setting out that one of the signpost depots was situated in such a cloud. Was this it? I drew slowly closer over the next hour and a half (though still have a long way to go, if the rate of progression to the left is any indication), and checked it against the Galaxy Map. Sure enough, that’s it. I can only imagine what it’ll look like as I draw nearer, obscuring the path in front of me, looming before me like a great wall.

Check back soon as I bring you more images from in front of the wall, inside it… and beyond.


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