Colonia and Back Again - An Elite: Dangerous Adventure - Log 1, The First Steps ~ What'cha Reading?

Colonia and Back Again – An Elite: Dangerous Adventure – Log 1, The First Steps


Elite: Dangerous Adventure

Okay… dropped out of Supercruise. GalNet connection set up. Source system: Praea Euq ML-M b49-1. Recipient system: Sol. Ready to transmit. Timestamp: 04:23, Oct 31, 3302.

Hello there, What’cha Reading readers! It’s Boter, from… pretty far out in space already, and with a lot farther to go. I haven’t been writing this past month; a lot of that time has been spent on preparing my entry for the Lightsaber Choreography Competition this year (more on that later) but I’ve also spent some time with Elite: Dangerous. The 2.2 “Guardians” patch just dropped, bringing with it many things, including Passenger Missions. And that is how I’m 1,306 light-years from Sol… with many thousands left to go.

I plan on keeping a travel log of sorts; whether I’ll publish after each significant leg, or in a digest all together, we’re not sure yet. But in scoping out the route ahead, it looks like there’ll be some interesting sights to see and I’m excited to share them with you.

(This first log is going to be a bit disconnected as I get all of the necessary background information out of the way, bear with me for a lot of proper nouns that I’ll try to explain by the end of this.)

So, passenger missions. You can carry a bunch of people – “bulk” passengers – around locally, thirty light-years away or something. But there are also VIP passenger missions – a person and their entourage. Maybe a famous celebrity needs to go to a gig 50 ly away. Maybe a CEO wants to go on vacation and see the sights in three different systems before coming home. Or… maybe a famous explorer wants to take a pilgrimage out to Colonia.


Meet Kiara Müller. She wants to go to Colonia – the home of Jaques Station. At 22,000 ly from Sol, it’s quite a trek, and she’s willing to pay commensurately – to the tune of 61 million credits.

That’s more than I’ve ever made from any one mission – any one week, easily, and probably more than I’ve made in a month. Which is good, because it’ll take me a few weeks to do it. (If I don’t come back within three, I don’t get paid.) It’s also Beluga money – three-quarters the price of a brand new Beluga Liner. Now, my Orca is slick and all, but when it comes to specialized passenger hauling, and doing so in style, the Beluga is the one to beat. It’s my current end-goal ship. And it’s now within my grasp.

But like I said… twenty-two thousand light-years, pretty much on the nose. Look at the map below. On the left you see Colonia. On the right you see a tight grouping of blue and purple icons – those are my bookmarks and discovered Engineers (don’t worry about it), all located in and around what’s affectionately referred to as “the bubble”. The bubble contains all of human colonized space, roughly 400 ly across. The bookmark closest to the bottom, Sothis, is the farthest I’ve been outside of the bubble before this trek – and even then, it was only a few weeks ago that I first mounted a fuel scoop to cross the distance, which at the time seemed so great. Now, it’s quaint.


Along the path to Colonia are six fuel depots (also marked by bookmarks). It’s amusing to call them such; there’s no way that any ship can reach them without a scoop to refuel themselves. But they are still handy signposts on the route to Colonia.

And just past the midway point from the bubble to the first depot… is me. That orange triangle. In one night, I took over a hundred jumps and am not even a tenth of the way on the first part of my journey.The galaxy ahead of me, I must press on.

I have a long way to go, and only twenty more days to do it in.

Check back regularly for updates – and in the next one, I’ll talk about why my Orca is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the right tool for this job.


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