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Colder: Toss The Bones issue 2 – “A Creepy, Crawly Tale.”



Considering this Saturday, October 31, is Halloween, what better way to celebrate than with comic books?  Dark Horse Comics is one of the great publishers taking part in Halloween Comic Fest, which is essentially Free Comic Book Day for trick or treaters.  On top of that, Dark Horse has eight titles releasing for this comic week, which you could find at your local comic shop today.  We’ve read all of them and we could tell you that Dark Horse Comics have titles for just about everyone, so while you’re at your comic shop today, tomorrow, or sometime this week, make sure you look for the following books!  Colder by Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra is a title we’ve previously read and found immensely unnerving.  Steven read this week’s issue so let’s hear what he had to say about it.


coldertbn2p1The first title I read this week was Colder: Toss The Bones issue 2.  I haven’t read the previous issues of Colder, but I remember our editor and my own personal Perry White (and sometimes J. Jonah Jameson) had previously reviewed the series, which you could find here.  “I skipped Colder #1 based solely on the cover. That is how most people actually judge a book isn’t it? It was just a little too disturbing…” Chuck said and I’d have to agree that the Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra tale is pretty scary.

Colder: Toss The Bones issue 2 picks up with Reece and Declan at home in their apartment.  It’d be a fairly standard scene of a couple if it wasn’t for the presence of the demonic Nimble Jack in their home.  While Reece flirts with Declan while he’s busy at work, we see Nimble Jack play among them.  He crawls one of their walls, summons black birds, and even hands Reece a brush while she’s in the shower.  After a few pages, and mind you I have yet to read the previous issues, I was able to catch on to the story fairly quick.  This speaks largely to Paul Tobin’s skills as a writer in creating an ongoing world yet one that is still easily accessible.

I’ve been a fan of Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra since I started reading their Prometheus: Fire and Stone series for Dark Horse last year, along with Tobin’s King: Jungle Jim series for Dynamite.  Their work on Colder: Toss The Bones issue 2 is highly impressive.  Artist Juan Ferreyra, along with the ‘color assistance’ by Eduardo Ferreyra, have created a seriously atmospheric book that creeps under your skin and leaves an unsettling impression on you.  Within the book, we see two realities – Boston, MA and a frightening place called the Hungry World.  This is where Nimble Jack is king and he plays between both worlds in a way more frightening than Freddy Krueger.  He’s sort of like The Joker if The Joker was a demon.  Two of the scariest and most unnerving of scenes come in the form of Nimble Jack pouring bleach down a homeless person’s throat and taking to kids down into the Nightmare World with scary, dog/hand creatures.

coldertbn2p2 coldertbn2p3

Colder: Toss The Bones issue 2 is filled with stuff you don’t want to ever think about.  Paul Tobin had previously said “Colder is both about insanity, and also a bit insane.”  Yup, he’s right.  Colder: Toss The Bones is filled with wildly imaginative concepts that further elevate the psychological horror genre in a smart and engaging way.  Coming from someone who hasn’t read the previous issues, that’s now all I could think about.  Colder is a series I’ll definitely continue reading, along with strongly urging anyone that wants a good, well told and illustrated, creepy crawly tale to pick up!

Colder: Toss The Bones issue 2 is available now and I give it five stars!




Eisner-nominated madness!

Ever feel that someone is watching, staring at you as you go about your day, murdering people all around you, feasting on the madness of the unfortunate insane? Ever feel that someone is sitting in your home, unseen, grinning a gap-toothed smile, waiting to feast? You should—you’re not alone.

* Written by Eisner winner Paul Tobin!

* Art by Juan Ferreyra (Constantine: Futures End, Batman Eternal)!


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