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Classic Pulp – From Source Point Press!


Source Point Press Art Director, Joshua Werner, had an amazingly good idea. Take classic pulp comics, one’s not seen in years, scan them, clean them up, republish them! He’s got two issues out right now, I received both as rewards in the kickstarter, you can get them at the Source Point Press website, links in the reviews.

Classic Pulp!

 Issue #1 HORROR!

Each issue has a theme, issue 1’s theme was horror. The three stories reprinted; The Living Ghost, The Werewolf Stalks, and Haunted House all originally appeared in Adventures of the Unknown #1 in 1948. One of the things that impressed me was that the original copyright, writer and artist information remains intact. Not only intact but where information was missing they did the research and found whatever they could. I’m no horror expert but even I can see that this is good stuff.

The writing is campy and the art is wonderfully creepy without being over the top. Multiple award-winning writer Frank Belknap Long penned all the stories in this issue. He is known not only for his prolific writing career but also for his contributions the the Cthulhu Mythos. He was said to have been a close friend of, and mentored by, H.P. Lovecraft. Check out some classic horror, if you dare! Classic Pulp #1 from Source Point Press

$3.99, 28 pages, Full color.

Classic_20Pulp_20_232_20COVER_20(small_2072dpi)_400wIssue #2 DETECTIVES!

I’ve been a huge fan of detective fiction all my life so I was excited to dig into this one and it didn’t disappoint. The issue had a good mix of content. The six different entries ranged from an article titled “How To Be An Amateur Detective”, two full length comics (one of which was a Charlie Chan!), a short story, and detective magazine type puzzles. The additional content was great! It really added that classic pulp detective magazine feel. Again Joshua’s restoration was amazing, the art jumps off the page. Solve the mystery of the Pulp Comics detective issue here, Classic Pulp #2 From Source Point Press.

$3.99, 26 pages, Black &White and Full color.

Unfortunately these seem to be the only two issues of Classic Pulp that Source Point Press has released. I’m hoping there are more in the works and I’ll be emailing them to find out what’s what so keep your eyes out for that info. But in the meanwhile order these two and enjoy this look back at an era outside of super hero comics. Whether you’re a comic history buff or a fanatic for the classic pulp of a bygone era these issues are for you.

And while you’re at the Source Point website check out all the great titles they have to offer, and stick around we’ll be featuring reviews of more Source Point Press comics in the near future.

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