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City of Walls Brings Hardcore Drama in Volume 2!


City of Walls Brings Hardcore Drama in Volume 2!City of Walls volume 2 is available, and it’s a book you should read. I usually give my conclusion at the end of the review but I’m going to be upfront on this one. This is a great series. It’s got a diverse cast of characters, the art is gorgeous, and (most importantly) the story is outstanding. Now, let’s talk about why.

This is the story of three children, Daniel, Jin, and Ariana. They reside in Kowloon, the walled city, a hodgepodge of buildings all joined together, walkways, hallways, and gantries making a huge maze of tunnels and valleys. No one makes it out of Kowloon, between the city itself and the gangs that control it being born there is a life sentence. These three have decided they are leaving, even if they have to take to the skies to do it. Rising above what life hands us, that’s what makes heroes.

That was how I opened my review of City of Walls issue #1 back in August 2014. A lot has changed for series creators Shaun Noel and Abede Lovelace, the series has seen much critical acclaim, it was picked up for print publication by Red Stylo Media, and is currently a digital first comic on LINEWebtoons.

Why? Why all the attention and praise? It’s just a story about three kids in an oppressive city… Nope. The story isn’t about three kids, and it isn’t about that crazy city. The story is about love, loss, friendship, and hope. When you read this story your heart breaks for each of these kids, you really feel their sorrow, and their joy. You want them to win.

Each character suffers some serious drama in this volume and unlike most comics that drama is totally believable. It would be fair to say that if you took one of those boring, but oh so true to life “comix” and coupled it with a really taught interesting escape story you might have something close to city of walls. The kids feel real, the setting feels real, the obstacles feel real. And they have every conceivable obstacle put in their way. Family issues, jobs, schools, gangs, poverty, the insane inescapable city of Kowloon. No matter how many of these things pop-up to knock them down they just keep going.

That’s what makes the book so great, you just don’t want them to win, you know deep down while you’re reading that they MUST win. They MUST escape. For no other reason than they see that there is more to the world than what the dirty, oppressive walls of Kowloon City provide. And they know it, truly believe it, without ever having been beyond those walls. I’ll say it again. Rising above what life hands us, that’s what makes heroes. These kids are heroes.

City of Walls maintains a totally deserved 4 out of 5. Great book. Read it.

Here are a few ways you can get your hands on City of Walls.

First off the Webtoons City of Walls page:

Here’s the official City of Walls website – And the Facebook page: You can find (stalk, heckle, send gifts to) the creators on twitter, Shaun Noel (@WriterShaun) A.K Lovelace (@StandAlonePro).

If you’d like to order it in print, which I highly recommend, go to Red Stylo Media and place your order Both volunes are available for $12.99 per trade, or you can get them together for $20!

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