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City of Walls Comes to Webtoon – Read it For Free!


City of Walls Comes to Webtoon - Read it For Free!

City of Walls is a favorite around these parts. Besides being written and drawn by some very excellent dudes, Shaun Noel and Abede Lovelace, with inks by Mark Morales, it also happens to be an amazing story. It’s the story of three friends growing up in the walled city of Kowloon, a densely populated almost ungoverned settlement in Hong Kong. No one gets out of Kowloon, well no one ever has before. Seeing these three kids bond and decide to do the impossible makes for a great tale, one that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Check out our review of issue one (Review – City of Walls #1 – A Book About Heroes – Aug 30, 2014.) This book has heart, style, and passion, it’s a damn good book. And now it may have just gotten even better, as of July 1st you can enjoy City of Walls weekly, for free! Check out the press release from the CoW’s creators…


CITY OF WALLS HAS JOINED LINE WEBTOON and we couldn’t be happier. With more than 648,000 likes and followers on Facebook, Webtoon has a HUGE following in South Korea and all over the world. Word on the street is they have more than 6.2 million daily users since their inception in 2004. Starting in JULY 2015– We will be releasing FREE web comic episodes of City of Walls WEEKLY! These are optimized for view on PC’s, Android and IOS phones and tablets. Did we mention they will be FREE! Download the WEBTOON APP NOW! Follow the adventures of Daniel, Jin and Ariana in the city of Kowloon every week.

Click this link for more info on Webtoon:

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